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Nope, cancer is not ‘Just bad luck’

A new cancer study is stirring up good controversy, as cancer experts around the world rush to set the record straight about...

How to snack for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and stay healthy

North America is under a snack attack — and the snacks are winning! Seems more and more of you are substituting...

The science behind the high-protein craze

Move over, fat and carbs. Protein’s grabbing the spotlight. Half of all consumers want more of this healthy nutrient, and...

BPA and your health: Should you worry?

Bisphenol A, the chemical found in food-can linings, some plastic containers, paper receipts and in the bodies of 95 percent of...

Modern life versus your back: Win the fight

If you're among the 31 million Americans with an aching back, here's an important message from your spine: Stop hunching! Get...

Vision protection strategies

Look out for your eyes, and look great doing it. We're not talking about rocking a cool pair of shades, though that's a smart...

5 ways to bust stress, feel good

Feeling tense? You're not alone. Thanks to too many bills, too much to do, relationship conflicts and health problems, one in...

Four steps for planning ahead your way

When Frank Sinatra crooned, "I did it my way," we're sure he wasn't referring to how he handled his health care plans. But "My...

Why we're in favor of labeling GM foods

In a new survey, 72 percent of Americans said that avoiding genetically modified food is important to them. But that's not easy!...

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