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Yes, you can prevent a ‘brain attack’

Thanks to amazing medical advances, more people than ever are surviving strokes, the blood clots and leaks that block blood flow...

Don’t let scary TV news hurt your health

From train wrecks and earthquakes to wars and killer diseases, round-the-clock TV news delivers the world’s most harrowing...

No-worry tips to keep exercise safe

Warning! Exercise-safety fears can be hazardous to your health.

Diet soda downsides

Is it time to ditch diet soda? The California-based group U.S. Right to Know thinks so.

Is alcohol helping or hurting your health?

You don’t need to have a daily drinking problem to get into trouble with alcohol.

Create a healthier TV habit

What boosts your risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and could shorten your life by five years? Your TV. Current...

The new exercise prescription for treating cancer

Could physical activity make cancer treatments more effective?

Hormone replacement: When it’s good for women and men

Fear-mongering about hormone therapy isn’t good science. For the right woman with nasty menopausal symptoms and the right...

Find your sense of purpose

Got a great reason to jump out of bed in the morning? Only 37 percent of North Americans say they do, according to a recent...

Medical research revolution is in your hands!

Take note: 2015 marks the year when medical research was potentially changed forever, thanks to a device that 72 million...

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