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Breast cancer facts that can save your life

When it comes to diagnosing and treating breast cancer, enormous strides have been made in the past two decades. Earlier...

Avoiding hidden trans fats

You know that saturated and trans fats are two of the Five Food Felons that you should eliminate from your diet to protect your...

Toxic algae threatening waterways

Green slime. Red tide. Brown scum. Toxic algae blooms are fouling waterways across North America these days, killing fish in...

Amazing acupuncture

You may not like the idea of being needled, but acupuncture has been a go-to therapy for 5,000 years. And this Chinese healing...

The plant diet a powerful health winner

Juicy tomatoes, sweet peaches, sizzling hot peppers ... good summer produce is at its peak, just in time for you to get all the...

Putting your finger on dementia protection

You don't have to be a genius to understand that as your brain goes, so go your health and happiness.

Hidden saturated fat traps

Think you've figured out how to reduce your saturated fat intake and dodge the serious health risks that come from eating this...

Moms-to-be: Take charge for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby

During pregnancy, a developing fetus is tuned in to Mom, reacting to her voice, tasting the food she ate for dinner, feeling her...

Meet the new nutrition powerhouse: Leafy greens

Heart-shaped leaves and a peppery punch make watercress a foodie favorite in salads, sandwiches and sautes. And recently, this...

Vaccine myths and truths

Measles is making a comeback, with a 20-year high in reported infections, due mostly to folks who are opting out of the...

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