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Getting deeper sleep without drugs

Skimping on shut-eye isn't North America's only sleep crisis. Many people turn in on time yet miss out on deep, refreshing...

Crank up the cuddle hormone

Oh, what the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, can do for you! Long famous for helping moms and newborns bond, new reports show this...

Surprising ways to boost your health through your marriage

Marriage is back! After a three-year decline, more Americans are tying the knot, according to a new report. That's good news,...

Gluten-free foods worth eating

Americans spend a whopping $10.5 billion a year on gluten-free foods, including calorie bombs like zero-gluten cakes, pizza,...

Surprising way to make your community healthier

If you've ever gotten one of those official-looking class-action lawsuit letters in your mailbox, you know the drill. Step 1: Rip...

Walk this way, live longer

If you're a walker and you've been pacing along doing 10,000 steps, around an hour and a half of walking, almost every day, we...

Don’t stop taking your multivitamin; Read this first!

Dump your vitamin and mineral supplements? Don’t throw those babies out with the bathwater! We’re still taking...

Vitamin D is still good for you

The news about D, the "sunshine" vitamin that loves your bones, nerves, muscles, heart, blood sugar and may even help fight...

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