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Don’t stop taking your multivitamin; Read this first!

Dump your vitamin and mineral supplements? Don’t throw those babies out with the bathwater! We’re still taking...

Vitamin D is still good for you

The news about D, the "sunshine" vitamin that loves your bones, nerves, muscles, heart, blood sugar and may even help fight...

Extend the warranty on your liver

Quick! What's a deep maroon color, looks like a squashed football and works 24/7 keeping YOU detoxed?

Get past fears of having a colonoscopy

If you're over age 50 and haven't had a colon cancer check, you're not alone. A whopping 23 million Americans have never had a...

Sidestep holiday weight-gain traps

Want to wake up on New Year's Day without regretting all those cookies, latkes or bubbly holiday toasts? You can, with these 10...

New heart-health rules help calculate your risk

There's been a lot of debate about the new Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines targeting cholesterol management and...

How a dose of optimism can make you healthier

What’s something that feels amazing, is contagious and actually could save your life?

Health care benefit that could save your life and your job

Forget the political brawls and epic website crashes. When we think about the Affordable Care Act, we’re excited about an...

Get your daily dose of life-saving lycopene

The summer’s last vine-ripened tomato may be a sweet memory, but you still can get your daily dose of its cancer-fighting,...

Testosterone replacement news you can use

Hey guys, are you thinking now may be your T-time? We’re not talking about a round of golf with your weekly foursome.

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