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New eating regimen may be better than fasting

Ever wish you could trade in your body for a younger model, a la Matthew Perry in “17 Again” or Jamie Lee Curtis in...

Cutting through the NSAID confusion

News about the Food and Drug Administration warning that NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be heart-risky has...

Good scents and sense for your better health

Aromatherapy is a complementary treatment that uses essential oils to enhance relaxation and boost mental sharpness.

Could your shoes be a health hazard?

Could footwear that’s too high, too tight or just too darned uncomfortable be hazardous to your overall health?

Workout, waterproof clothes may release toxic chemicals

Beware! Your favorite antimicrobial workout shirt or water-repellent hiking jacket may contain some surprising and potentially...

Slimmer together: Beat marriage weight gain

You gain a lot when you get married: love, companionship, fun between the sheets, a family, someone who can share your dreams.

Five things to know about the trans fats ban

Good riddance to Franken-Fats! Thanks to a new Food and Drug Administration ruling, food makers must phase out the use of...

Trendy ‘ugly veggies’ pack a health punch

Summer’s hottest food trend: Weird-o veggies and fruit, from wrinkled heirloom tomatoes and strangely shaped carrots to...

Yes, you can prevent a ‘brain attack’

Thanks to amazing medical advances, more people than ever are surviving strokes, the blood clots and leaks that block blood flow...

Don’t let scary TV news hurt your health

From train wrecks and earthquakes to wars and killer diseases, round-the-clock TV news delivers the world’s most harrowing...

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