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Vaccine myths and truths

Measles is making a comeback, with a 20-year high in reported infections, due mostly to folks who are opting out of the...

Butter, bacon and cheese: Unmasking the latest new health food imposters

Saturated fat's sizzling on dinner tables across North America, thanks to baconmania, record-breaking cheese sales and a recent...

Statin users should make over meals

If you're among the 24 million Americans who take a statin or the 13 million considering it, now hear this: Taking that...

Food or medicine? How to have both

More than one in three Americans has a chronic health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure or arthritis (by age 65,...

Getting deeper sleep without drugs

Skimping on shut-eye isn't North America's only sleep crisis. Many people turn in on time yet miss out on deep, refreshing...

Crank up the cuddle hormone

Oh, what the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, can do for you! Long famous for helping moms and newborns bond, new reports show this...

Surprising ways to boost your health through your marriage

Marriage is back! After a three-year decline, more Americans are tying the knot, according to a new report. That's good news,...

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