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2 types of surgery offer help for dogs with torn ACLs

Q My dog was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament tear in her knee. I was told that there are two ways to fix this. One was...

Make plans for pets during busy holiday vacations

By now, many of you know I (Dr. Perry Jameson) have a full house of pets, with two dogs, five cats and two fish presently.

Kitten shows where there’s a will, there’s a way

As is often the case with emergencies, this one arrived at 5 p.m. on a Friday. The referring veterinarian had called a half hour...

Lumps and bumps on pets should be examined by vet

One of the reasons that I (Perry Jamison) love my job is that almost everybody you meet (outside of work) has or has had a pet.

When you should call the emergency clinic

While attending the Pet Expo last weekend, Dr. Henri Bianucci and I (Dr. Perry Jameson) held a question-and-answer session and...

High blood pressure in pets can be of concern

The importance of maintaining a normal blood pressure is constantly stressed for humans. With hypertension comes increased risk...

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