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Dog bounces back after major surgery, nearly dying

As I (Henri Bianucci) was completing evening rounds in our ICU, I noted that our emergency service was heating up to a low boil.

Diagnosing, treating liver disease in felines

Dear Pet Docs: Our cat has been diagnosed with liver disease and we do not know what to do. She has been vomiting for the past...

Cruelty to pets or any animal should not be tolerated

The Charleston Animal Society has assumed a “no kill” status, basically meaning that it will no longer euthanize...

Early detection key in finding tumors in dogs

Schautzie, was a cute 10-year-old Schnauzer sent to me for straining to urinate for the past two months. His family veterinarian...

Finding new diagnostic uses for MRIs, CTs helps pets suffer less

Three years ago, and on many occasions prior to that, I (Henri Bianucci) saw the type of case that can be the bane of veterinary...

Keep pets safe, secured when traveling by car

Q We travel a lot with our dogs as they love riding in the car. We buckle our kids in every time but our dogs remain loose, which...

Bones prove to be a danger to dogs

It was a delicious ham. It debuted on Christmas Eve, and although all partook, it survived largely intact. Through the following...

Diabetes is manageable with monitoring, medication

Q My dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and we are feeling overwhelmed and worried. How did my dog get this disease...

Signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for in aging dogs

Several years ago, a pet’s parent gave me a poem after I (Dr. Perry Jameson) had euthanized her dog. This is always an...

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