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Give pets safe, healthy, functional presents this year

Christmas is just around the corner and in our house (Perry Jameson), even the pets get presents. When looking for what to give...

Avoid 10 dangers to your pets during the holidays

As Thanksgiving approaches I (Dr. Perry Jameson) like to hear Andy Williams remind me in song, “It’s the most...

2 types of surgery offer help for dogs with torn ACLs

Q My dog was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament tear in her knee. I was told that there are two ways to fix this. One was...

Make plans for pets during busy holiday vacations

By now, many of you know I (Dr. Perry Jameson) have a full house of pets, with two dogs, five cats and two fish presently.

Kitten shows where there’s a will, there’s a way

As is often the case with emergencies, this one arrived at 5 p.m. on a Friday. The referring veterinarian had called a half hour...

Lumps and bumps on pets should be examined by vet

One of the reasons that I (Perry Jamison) love my job is that almost everybody you meet (outside of work) has or has had a pet.

When you should call the emergency clinic

While attending the Pet Expo last weekend, Dr. Henri Bianucci and I (Dr. Perry Jameson) held a question-and-answer session and...

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