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Identifying the cause of ailment is key to treatment

Q My cat has been diagnosed with a condition called pleural effusion. I noticed he was not as active two to three days ago, then...

Marijuana intoxication and your pets

It is pretty common for pets to get into medications, drugs or toxins and develop problems. As veterinarians, we also...

Pets can share in feast, but with caution

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! If your family is like mine (Dr. Perry Jameson), then you enjoyed a large meal with family and...

Animal-human bond is a special one

Having practiced veterinary medicine for more than 23 years, I (Dr. Perry Jameson), have come into contact with thousands of...

Surgery complications leave lingering questions

Q I have a toy poodle that is 7 years old. She fell from my daughters arms and broke her forearm. My veterinarian said that it...

How to keep your pets safe this Halloween

Our pets are part of our families and so they celebrate the holidays with us. However, since they are not human, some parts of...

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