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Bones prove to be a danger to dogs

It was a delicious ham. It debuted on Christmas Eve, and although all partook, it survived largely intact. Through the following...

Diabetes is manageable with monitoring, medication

Q My dog has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and we are feeling overwhelmed and worried. How did my dog get this disease...

Signs and symptoms to keep an eye out for in aging dogs

Several years ago, a pet’s parent gave me a poem after I (Dr. Perry Jameson) had euthanized her dog. This is always an...

Over-feeding, genetics can lead to dysplasia in dogs

Q I have a golden Retriever who is now 13 months old. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 8 months of age and had bilateral...

Pet food deemed ‘natural’ may not be what you think

Like the rest of you, I (Dr. Perry Jameson) want to take care of my family the best that I can. I want food that is safe and...

Identifying the cause of ailment is key to treatment

Q My cat has been diagnosed with a condition called pleural effusion. I noticed he was not as active two to three days ago, then...

Marijuana intoxication and your pets

It is pretty common for pets to get into medications, drugs or toxins and develop problems. As veterinarians, we also...

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