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Dog with congenital heart condition gets second chance

Dealing primarily with dogs and cats with medical diseases, most of my (Dr. Perry Jameson) patients are middle age to older. They...

Owners need to be diligent in preventing accidents

Our emergency and critical care hospitals serve on the front lines of pet ownership disasters. My (Henri Bianucci) experiences...

Pneumonia a problem for dogs with esophagus issues

Immediately after looking at the thoracic radiographs I (Perry Jameson) did not like what I was seeing.

Be aware of what care is needed for pets after surgery

A friend of ours recently underwent a surgical spinal procedure on her neck. She related how scared she was to have such a...

Cats with feline asthma treated with steroids, inhalers, removing allergens

It is an upsetting sight to see a cat coughing. They crouch down on all four legs, extend their neck and often stick out part of...

Pets that eat clothing can develop serious health problems

Dear Pet Doctors, our puppy has developed habit of chewing up items of clothing, particularly underwear and socks. He is a big...

Aging dogs may exhibit signs of cognitive dysfunction

The improvements in pet health care are allowing them to live longer and thus be part of our lives for longer. In veterinary...

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