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Keep it simple when deciding best diet for pets

The pet food industry seems to be exploding. Offering more options every day to appeal to consumers: vegan, grain free, raw, etc.

Human-animal bond has lasting benefits

As friends divorce, move away, age or die, our external supports may dwindle. In such a mobile society as ours, we can’t...

Plan ahead for pet care during busy holiday season

It is hard to believe, but the holidays are almost here. Many of us with pets will be leaving home to visit family and friends.

Giving sick pet best care doesn’t always mean success

Trio was an absolutely beautiful Maine Coon cat, but now he was in serious trouble. He was brought in to me (Henri Bianucci)...

Resources available to help find a missing family pet

The number of pets in my (Perry Jameson) home changes through the years. Right now we have 5 cats and one dog. If you have cats,...

Case highlights need to keep digging for real ailment

Brutus is a 200 pound, 8-year-old Newfoundland puppy. As is common to large breed dogs, he has hip dysplasia.

Dogs, cats differ in treatment for diabetes

Increased drinking and urination are two of the main reasons that patients are referred to internal medicine specialitsts.

Life of a vet includes learning from victories, losses

Dear Pet Docs, I always wanted to become a veterinarian, but I can’t stand to see animals suffer. And, I could not imagine...

Enlarged lymph nodes in dogs needs early diagnosis

Dear Pet Docs: My dog feels fine, but while petting him, I noted some swelling behind his knees. My vet says they are lymph nodes...

How an act of compassion fostered a whole family

As I (Henri Bianucci) have mentioned before, our family is blessed with a pack of eight dogs. Their backgrounds are as varied as...

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