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Coupon misuse can hurt stores, shoppers

I’ve tackled the topic of coupon misuse in my column before, and it always seems to generate heated discussion on both the...

‘Clipless’ coupons save time

Q I want to save with coupons. I read your column and know that those who coupon are saving a great deal of money. But I...

Readers respond to noncoupon user

In a recent column, I featured an email from a reader named Brian, who stated that he never used coupons because he “felt...

Super Couponing Tips with Jill CataldoWhose side am I on?

Last week, I received a pair of interesting emails. As a consumer who finds myself constantly straddling the line between a...

Reusable shopping bags

Paper, plastic or reusable? Reusable shopping bags have exploded in popularity, and many stores offer discounts for using your...

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