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2016 presidential candidate visits in SC

As the 2016 presidential election gets started, The Post and Courier is tracking visits to the Palmetto State by known and presumptive candidates.

Thinking of running for president? Better practice your drawl.

South Carolina's primary is first in the south, so the state is a frequent stop for anyone with serious presidential ambitions. Because the 2016 field is wide-open, we can expect a diverse sampling of candidates throughout the year.

Where are they visiting?

The map below shows the approximate location of each visit since December 2014, coded by color. Nearby events are grouped together. Click on a group to zoom in and view individual events. New visits will be added continuously as The Post and Courier becomes aware of them. Expect additional visualizations to be added to this page as the number of visits increases.

Based upon reports compiled by The Post and Courier. Raw data available on GitHub.

Click here for more information on the candidates, as compiled by the Associated Press.