What was your reaction to being selected for the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine?

"It's great, that feeling that you have this opportunity right in your hands. They are both such prestigious events, so it's a remarkable moment for me and my family. I'm honored to be in this moment."

You've been training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. What's a typical day like?

"Busy. On a typical day, you wake up at 6:30 a.m. and get breakfast. We stretch out for 30 minutes or so, then we have a movement session out on the field for an hour and 15 minutes, working on running and agility. Then we're on the football field for about two hours, working on football movement. Then it's lunch, and then you come back in the afternoon in the weight room. It's a long day."

Do you feel a lot of pressure to take advantage of this opportunity?

"I guess you could say there is pressure, but I really feel like I've overachieved already, to come from a small school like Furman and make it as far as I have. The last thing you want to do is be tight going into it, so I'm just trying to enjoy it and have fun. I'll do the best I can, and that's all you can do."

How much are you looking forward to the Senior Bowl?

"That's the first stage where you are actually able to get out in front of the coaches and general managers. They get to watch you one on one, see how you react to situations and how you interact with coaches and other players. Guys like Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan, guys you see on TV every Sunday, they are on the sideline watching your every move. It's going to be interesting."

Not many guys from Furman and Pinewood Prep at the NFL Combine.

"It's really a blessing. Not too many guys get to play SCISA football in Charleston and then make it to a I-AA school like Furman, much less a big school. When I signed with Furman, I didn't know if this day would come or not. Now it's time to take advantage of it all."

At Pinewood, you dreamed about making the NBA, not the NFL.

"I loved basketball, that was my favorite sport, my first love, so it's funny how it all turned out. I was telling one of the guys in Florida that I train with, it's funny how we all end up here. He started college as a quarterback, and now he's a receiver. I came out of Pinewood as a quarterback, and I was so raw at Furman as a cornerback. But I caught on to it, and I just kept going."