Mount Pleasant -- A group of 10 rallied Monday morning on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard to denounce Sen. Lindsey Graham for his support of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

Staff members from Operation Rescue-Insurrecta Nex, an organization that wants to make abortion illegal, stood outside in the heat for the "Beating, Burning and Hanging Lindsey 'Benedict Arnold' Graham in Effigy" protest.

"Lindsey Graham claims he's a Christian, but he's a traitor," said Randall Terry, the group's director. The protesters said Graham is using babies as part of his political game.

Graham's office would not comment on the protests but said in a prepared statement that although he does not agree with Kagan's legal or judiciary philosophies, Graham does think she is qualified, has good character and understands the difference between being a judge and politician.

Group members, all from Washington, D.C., have been to several other states, including Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama since their drive began July 16. They have been protesting at Graham's headquarters across South Carolina. They went to Greenville and Columbia on Friday, and were heading to Rock Hill Monday afternoon.

Members urged senators to hold a filibuster on the Kagan issue, saying politicians have not been consistent with their stand against abortion.

Protester Ed Faddoul said Graham claims to be conservative but he is not. "The public needs to be aware of what their senator is doing."

The protesters hanged a dummy with a picture of Graham's face on it. In addition, they did a skit with Graham's picture attached to a pinata. "Notice how he's a donkey, because he's a closet Democrat," Terry said.

"Women are able to vote and black people have civil rights because people have gone to the extremes to make it happen," Terry said. "We mean to be extreme."

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