Moments after deputies think Stevie James Elmore fatally shot a man Friday outside his Dorchester home, a school bus carrying students rolled up to pick up a high-schooler there.

Elmore's mother was behind the wheel as the bus stopped on Iris Lane.

Authorities had not yet arrived, and with a stolen gun still in his hand, Elmore climbed aboard, an incident report stated.

Elmore, 43, was later arrested on a murder charge in the death of 31-year-old Mark Anthony Daniel. The episode involving the bus is part of the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office investigation, but Capt. Tony Phinney said it's not expected to result in further charges against Elmore.

Phinney said it's not thought that Elmore made any threats in front of the students before he got off. But the bus riders were shocked when they saw Daniel's body, the report stated.

"Whatever (Elmore) did as far as the bus ... we haven't had any complaints," Phinney said. "No one was terrified by him."

The girl from Elmore's home boarded the bus and went to Woodland High School, the captain said. After the principal told a school deputy what happened, she was held in an office for questioning about the homicide.

Attempts by email and telephone to contact officials from Dorchester District 4 on Tuesday were not successful. Students and staff members are on spring vacation this week. The bus driver, Margaret Elmore, was a substitute on the route.

Stevie Elmore remained Tuesday at Dorchester County's jail.

He has a lengthy criminal past that includes prison time, according the State Law Enforcement Division. Federal guidelines classified Elmore as a felon prohibited from owning a firearm.

Elmore was convicted four times between 1992 and 2000 on charges related to the illegal carrying of a gun. He also has a history of resisting arrest and assault and battery, as well as possessing cocaine and marijuana.

How he knew Daniel wasn't immediately clear.

Daniel lived on Academy Road in St. George, a community that Elmore also had once called home.

But the incident report about Daniel's death stated that the two were likely drinking early Friday at Elmore's house on Iris Lane.

The area is west of Harleyville and about four miles north of Woodland High.

At some point, the men started arguing. What their squabble was about hadn't been determined, Phinney said.

A 47-year-old woman who lived with Elmore saw him shoot Daniel around 6:15 a.m., she later told deputies.

Daniel died of a gunshot wound near his heart, but Dorchester County Coroner Chris Nisbet said he also had suffered head injuries. What caused them wasn't clear, Nisbet said Tuesday.

Daniel was dead before anyone got there to help. His body was left lying face up, partially on the road and in the ditch. Students saw it when their bus stopped in front of Elmore's house.

When the students got to Woodland High, several of them reported that the sight had disturbed them.

Deputies and school officials fetched footage from a video camera on the bus. It captured some of the conversation between Elmore and his mother, Phinney said, before the bus left.

When they showed up, deputies saw Elmore and his roommate, Vialettaa Britt, outside the house. Britt was holding the gun, a Rossi .38 Special that was empty. The five-shot revolver had been stolen from Orangeburg County, the Sheriff's Office stated.

Britt dropped the gun and got on the ground. She and Elmore were handcuffed.

Elmore "blurted out when the deputies got there that it was him," Phinney said. An arrest affidavit also stated that Elmore had acknowledged shooting Daniel.

Elmore's mother later dropped off the high school students, according to the report, then went back to the shooting scene.

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