Publicists for Renaissance Weekend released a list of some of the 1,200 top leaders and thinkers who are attending the closed-door annual gathering at Charleston Place the next couple days.

Past participants have included former President Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford. How many names do you recognize on this list?

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal

Economics Nobel laureate Roger Myerson

Internet guru Esther Dyson

Physics Nobel laureates William Phillips, Murray Gell-Mann and Wolfgang Ketterle

U.S. Senate Chaplain Rev. Patrick Conroy

Four-time Guinness World Record-holder Roz Savage (first woman to row solo across three oceans)

U.S. Agency for International Development Director Rajiv Shah

Oscar-winning Actress Estelle Parsons

"Passages" author Gail Sheehy

Washington, D.C., Police Chief Cathy Lanier

MacArthur "Genius Prize" winner Amory Lovins

Evangelist Leighton Ford (long-time Billy Graham associate)

Conservative direct mail guru Richard Viguerie

Former Brooks Brothers CEO William Roberti

Financial writer Andrew Tobias

"Getting Things Done" author David Allen

MacArthur Prize winners Howard Gardner

Prize-winning physicist-astronomer Lawrence Krauss

Lehigh University President Alice Gast

Former NBC medical commentator Dr. Art Ulene

Four-time Emmy-winning former ABC & CBS foreign correspondent Terry McCarthy

U.S. Coast Guard Deputy Commandant Peter Neffenger, former commander of Deepwater oil spill

Emmy-winning Pixar Animation inventor Rob Cook

Former CIA operations fficer Valerie Plame

Former Automatic Data Processing CEO Josh Weston

U.S. Pension Benefit Guaranty Fund Chairman Josh Gotbaum

Yale University theologian Lamin Sanneh

Sex therapist Ruth Westheimer (aka Dr. Ruth)

MIT Center on Bits & Atoms Director Neil Gershenfeld

Political Commentator Eleanor Clift

"You Just Don't Understand" and "Talking 9-5" author Deborah Tannen

Metamaterials Authority & Rice University Engineering Dean Edwin Thomas

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Cardiology Chief Edward Yeh

Former CNN Business Anchor Myron Kandel

"If Mayors Ruled the World" author Benjamin Barber

Norton Utilities developer and arts patron Peter Norton

"Washington's Most Quoted Pundit," American Enterprise Institute Fellow Norm Ornstein

Former UN Assistant Secretary-General Gillian Sorensen

Biotech & Cloning Authority David Sadava

Archie Comics owner/CEO Nancy Silberkleit

Thinking Robots President Matthias Scheutz

Disciples of Christ/Christian Church National President Sharon Watkins

Harvard University China authority Ezra Vogel

Harvard Medical School Chief of Pharmacology & Epidemiology Jerome Avorn

USA Network Founder Kay Koplovitz

UK Queen's Counsel Hilary Heilbron

Retired Admiral and Commanding Officer - Middle East Forces Harold Bernsen

Former Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman Alan Blinder

Former International Herald-Tribune Publisher Lee Huebner

Chinese philosophy professor and competitive poker player Bryan van Norden

Stanford University philosophy professor Joshua Landy

City College of New York President Lisa Staiano-Coico

Yale University cognitive scientist Paul Bloom

Former International Trade Commission Chair Paula Stern

The conference started Saturday and ends New Year's Day. None of the sessions is open to the public. The idea is let these prime movers get together so they can network and bounce ideas off each other.

Organizers also released a list of some of this year's 633 sessions. They're not open to the public but give you an idea what these people might be talking about.

Edward Snowden - Traitor Or Whistleblower?

Typhoon Haiyan and the Capacity for International Disaster Relief

Tapering Trembling & Tantrums - Investors' Perspectives

The Internet of Things - Digital Fabrication

Dangerous Liaisons? The Great Thaw in U.S.-Iran Relations

Politics Aside - What Makes a Difference in Our Communities?

If Mayors Ruled the World

What Healthcare Really Costs

The Consequences of Moods

The Future of Manufacturing

Where's Media Heading?

Why Teach?

What Difference Will Pope Francis Make?

Restoring Trust in Institutions

How Do People Fall In - and Out Of - Love?

Are the Quants Taking Over the Ad Business?

Faith in Action

Digital Device Detox - Decoupling from Technology

Magical Power in Harry Potter

So Now What Do I Do with My Money?

The Transformation of China

What's Behind Extreme Weather?

Who Needs Hollywood (or Traditional Media) Anymore?

When Women Don't Know about Men that Men Don't Know about Themselves

The Art of Aging

Zombie Stars and Dark Energy

Sacred Cows that Aren't Milking Anymore

The Foundations of Moral Cognition

Medicine's New Age

The Cultivation of Virtue

Accelerating the Advance of Women

The Habits of Highly Effective Sleepers

Securing Stability in the Middle East

Whatever Happened to "the Common Good"?

The Cure for the Common Medical Practice

How Music Affects the Brain

Is Privacy a Thing of the Past?

The Pulse of Pop Culture

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