Jadeveon Clowney made quite an impression. With South Carolina trailing Michigan late in the Outback Bowl on the first day of 2013 in Tampa, the Gamecocks' defensive end starred in the hit seen 'round the college football world - and then some.

The Wolverines inexcusably forgot to block Clowney, a consensus All-American.

He clobbered ballcarrier Vincent Smith, forced a fumble, sent Smith's helmet into orbit and recovered the fumble to start a Gamecocks rally.

ESPN replays and YouTube clicks made Clowney famous. The 20-year-old Rock Hill native jetted to L.A. in July to pick up his "Best Play" ESPY award from ESPN. He was a Heisman Trophy candidate.

He couldn't possibly live up to the hype.

Though the Gamecocks (10-2) had another good season this year, Clowney slumped (three sacks after a school-record 13 in 2012). But Wisconsin running backs better watch out in the Capital One Bowl on Wednesday.


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