Bold and the Beautiful: Everyone at the family Thanksgiving dinner was surprised when Rick and Caroline announced they were getting married, and with Carter performing the ceremony, they said their "I do's." Quinn confronted Donna after seeing a close moment between her and Eric, and made it clear that Eric is off-limits. Donna suspects Quinn is up to no good. Katie let Hope know that Liam feels that Wyatt is pushing him out of Hope's life. Aly, who has a crush on Liam, didn't like the way Hope is playing Liam and Wyatt against each other.

Days of Our Lives: Sami and Kate came to Gabi's rescue after she hit Nick with a rock, rendering him unconscious. As Sami and Kate threw Nick's "body" into the lake, he came to and grabbed Sami's arm. Kate and Gabi pulled Sami away from Nick, who suddenly went underwater and didn't reappear. Sami and Kate weighted Nick's backpack and threw it in the lake. Kate told Sami that what Gabi did was self-defense, as Nick was trying to rape her. The three women agreed to keep quiet about what happened. Anne was angry with Theresa, who testified at Daniel's disciplinary hearing that she didn't remember anything that happened because of her drug overdose. As a result, no charges were filed against Daniel. After receiving a video from Kristen, Daniel began taking drugs again.

General Hospital: Right after Patrick and Sabrina said their "I do's," Emma ran down the church aisle saying, "Mommy," and flew into Robin's arms. Everyone at the wedding was stunned to see Robin was alive. When Patrick told Sabrina that he still loves her, she said he has to choose between her and Robin. Sabrina gave her rings back to Patrick. Jerry threatened to kill Bobbie if Luke didn't give him the poison's antidote. After Carly arrived, Jerry and Luke struggled over the antidote, and Jerry fell off a balcony. Julian found Jerry and whisked him away, telling Jerry he "owes" him. Robert and Anna debated killing Faison for fear he'd escape if they put him in prison. At A.J.'s murder trial, Ava testified that he was definitely capable of killing Connie.

Young and the Restless: Abby took Ashley to the hospital when she injured her ankle. Abby then tried to play matchmaker between Ashley and Stitch, who seemed to hit it off. Stitch was amused when Abby tried to get him to tell Ashley that she had to forgo an upcoming out-of-town business trip. Dylan was angry with Nikki when she didn't tell him who his father was. Dylan told Nikki that he doesn't want to be a member of the Newman family. Hearing Nick and Summer talking about how Dylan learned that Nikki is his mother, Sharon felt guilty about keeping it a secret that Nick, not Jack, is really Summer's father.

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