The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, now in its 32nd year, has announced its featured artist for 2014.

Chad Poppleton, a resident of Cache Valley, Utah, has made a painting of four elk on a mountaintop called “High Ground” that appears on the official SEWE 2014 poster, available for sale online.

Poppleton is a sportsman and conservationist and keen observer of nature.

“Interpreting the behavior and character of each animal in its natural environment is the motivation for my work,” he said in a statement. “Studying, sketching, life painting and observing the animal’s behavior helps me to find their characteristics and relay that into the canvas.”

“High Ground” will make its debut appearance during the SEWE preview afternoon on Feb. 13. The original painting will be auctioned that evening at the VIP Gala.

“The painting and its subject has a special place in my heart,” Poppleton said. “Rocky Mountain elk represent nobility and are considered the king of all deer species. It’s only natural for me to share my love of this ‘King of Deer’ cradled in the most spectacular settings.”

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