The left and its media allies have found a favored whipping boy in “The Tea Party.”

They would have you believe there is a monolithic organization called the Tea Party and that it is seeking to shut down government at all levels. That is an absurdity pushed by those who favor large activist government at all levels.

The truth that they seek to obscure is that those of us who identify with the Tea Party movement are well aware that there are many different groups and organizations that have adopted various tea party names. We are people from all walks of life and racial and ethnic backgrounds.

We hold a wide variety of beliefs while sharing the core notion of the TEA part of the name: T=Taxed, E=Enough, A=Already.

We believe we are taxed enough already and don’t want to pay even more for bloated, inefficient, intrusive all powerful government. We seek to pay less by way of bringing about smaller, efficient, non-intrusive, less powerful government at all levels.

We believe that the founders and framers intended for the federal government to be one of defined and limited powers, not that which has metastasized into what could reasonably be characterized as a leviathan on the Potomac.

We believe that we have an absolute obligation to protect and preserve the U. S. Constitution and to pass on the legacy of freedom bequeathed us by those who preceded us to our posterity.

We believe that the present state of affairs is not acceptable and it is our duty to right the ship of state.

We support and try electing to local, state and federal positions like-minded people who are committed to making government our modest servant instead of the commanding presence we now suffer.

Our detractors are quick to use a host of perjoratives when describing Tea Party supporters and most especially those holding elective office.

Tea Party-affiliated members of the House and Senate are favored targets for gratuitous commentary by those who favor big government.

A truly evil lover of all-powerful government, Joseph Goebbels, said: “Think of the press as a great keyboard on which government can play.”

Government is indeed playing its tunes and we of the Tea Party movement find them to be full of sour notes.

Disparaging us and those whom we have helped elect will not deter us from our goals. Our defeats increase our resolve and our victories embolden us.

We have inherited the resolve and spirit of 1776, and, yes, we will triumph in the end.

Walter D. Carr

Ashley River Road