Q. What do you recommend for the best hardwood floor protection furniture pads? We use felt pads cut to the size of the furniture leg and then stick them on. After a while, they fall off or get clogged with dirt and dog fur.

A. You can find good foot pads at any hardware store. The best are round or square plastic rubberized cups that will do the trick. Good for tapered round legs are crutch ends that fit tightly on any round leg, tapered or not.

Q. The two faucets of my upstairs shower don’t work very well. I turn on the shower and it works well enough for a few minutes, but then it fades away to nothing, returning later. How can I fix it?

A. It may be a faulty washer, which swells up from the hot water, plugging itself. Try replacing all washers. It also might be variations in pressure. Have a plumber put in an anti-scald, one-handle shower. It will save water and last years.

New York Times