McClellanville Town Council seats

4 seats

Name: Aaron Baldwin

Date of Birth: 1966

Family: Wife, Terri; daughter, Marina.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications and Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Clemson University.

Occupation: Studio art professor

Political history: Four terms on Town Council.

Why I’m qualified: I love McClellanville. I’m rooted, and I’m a reasonable person.

Goals if elected: I’d like to see McClellanville maintain its character. That means guarding against certain types of development and helping to make the town livable to people of all stages of life.

Contact information: 843-697-0462,

Name: Jim Scott

Date of Birth: Feb. 22, 1972

Family: Wife, Sharon; 2 children.

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Clemson University, 1994; Juris Doctor, University of South Carolina School of Law, 2001.

Occupation: Attorney at Young Clement Rivers, LLP

Political history: Five terms on Town Council.

Why I’m qualified: I am a lifelong resident of McClellanville and interested in helping my community. I’ve served as a council member for the past 10 years.

Goals if elected: To preserve the qualities of our town that make it a unique and special place to live, work and raise a family.

Contact information: 843 696-0314;

Name: Tynice Geathers Roundtree

Date of Birth: Dec. 1, 1973

Family: Daughter.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Claflin University.

Occupation: Disabled, medically-discharged Army major.

Political history: No previous elected office.

Why I’m qualified: My involvement in several local organizations provides me with a voice about issues facing the town. I can fairly and impartially represent McClellanville’s issues.

Contact information: 843-887-3386;

Name: Robert Gannon

Date of Birth: Sept. 7, 1948.

Family: Wife, Elizabeth; 3 daughters.

Education: Master of Public Administration, College of Charleston.

Occupation: County government fleet operations director.

Political history: 13 terms on Town Council.

Why I’m qualified: Town Council experience; town resident since 1973.

Goals: Try to maintain the status quo; keep best interests of citizens at heart.

Contact information: 843-887-3712.

Name: Chris Bates

Date of Birth: July 19, 1970

Family: Wife, Kimberly; two daughters.

Education: Attended The Citadel.

Occupation: Contractor/homebuilder

Political history: Three terms on Town Council.

Why I’m qualified: I grew up here. I understand the issues and problems facing the town and want to help McClellanville prosper as we face future concerns.

Goals if elected: Our real goal in McClellanville is to keep it just the way it is without living in a bubble.