North Charleston police will not seek charges against the parents of a toddler who was found wandering on Stall Road Tuesday afternoon.

A woman called police shortly before 2:30 p.m. after she spotted the child, wearing only a diaper, alone on the sidewalk.

The woman checked with the toddler to see if he was alright, according to an incident report. Then she approached a nearby apartment to see if its residents recognized the child, which they did not.

A police investigation located the child’s home in the nearby Kenwood mobile home park.

The child’s father told police he was watching a movie in his bedroom while the child played with his aunt in the living room. The man did not know how the child ended up on Stall Road, police said.

When police questioned the boy’s aunt, the woman reported that she was braiding her little sister’s hair when the toddler apparently wandered off. The woman assumed the child was with his father when she no longer saw him in the living room, police said. The child’s mother returned home shortly after the incident.

A child-safety gate blocked the home’s porch, according to the report. The child’s father told police that the boy is very active and that he had jumped over the gate in the past.

A representative from the Department of Social Services responded to help the family develop a safety plan, the report states.

The child’s parents will not be charged in the incident, police said.