Don’t ruin city

I live in Houston, and have made numerous trips to Charleston to be treated time after time to the most pleasant, lovely, historically fascinating, gentle and delightful city in America. I have lodged in hotels downtown, in private homes, and at Middleton Place, and dined in many of your fine restaurants. I cannot say enough about the attractiveness of Charleston.

You are about to ruin this idyllic city with cruise ships. You have a sophisticated city with much appeal to thoughtful travelers who don’t care to jostle on crowded sidewalks with hordes of tourists whose main interest is buying another trinket or a beer.

For the sake of Charleston, don’t let cruise ships make your city a tawdry place. Keep it what it has been for centuries, an historical magnet for the discerning visitor who comes to Charleston for several days, and sometimes weeks.

We spend real money in your fine hotels and restaurants, and some of us may eventually choose to live in Charleston. Don’t spoil it with cruise ships. If you do, we won’t come back, and a treasure will be lost.

Christian N. Seger

Ivanhoe Street

Houston, Texas

Just ‘embarrassing’

If anyone is surprised that Charleston County Council Chairman Teddie Pryor would tap dance away from the commitment of County Council to make a “good faith commitment” to compensate property owners injured by the completion of I-526 across James and John’s Island, I’d be surprised.

Like so many other aspects of the embarrassing process by which this ill-conceived project still has legs, the compromise offered to Councilwoman Anna Johnson to get her vote was done with the same disingenuousness that has been the hallmark of this project from the end of the public comment period.

Councilwoman Johnson, needs to end this embarrassing attempt to hijack money that is desperately needed for legitimate projects by changing her vote.

The public comment on this project was overwhelmingly negative, every federal or state agency that has commented on this project has recommended denial or major changes, the $136 million currently projected shortfall, while promised by the State Infrastructure Bank, cannot be truly obligated by its present membership as the money won’t be available until 2020.

The environmental impact statement on this project is still not complete, the overall state maintenance shortfall for road and bridge maintenance is currently at $500 million, and not one permit has been issued. Charleston County has never had the responsibility for a project this large.

Last but not least, the $11 million that supposedly got us on this current path is a very small amount that can partially be made up by the sale of the assets that the rights of way represent.

Everyone realizes that speaking truth to power is very difficult and painful, but if Councilwoman Johnson could find the strength to end this episode in the politics of ego, the state and the majority of the residents of Johns and James islands would be most appreciative.

Richard L. Beck

E. Ashley Avenue


Mr. Beck is a former mayor of Folly Beach.

Welcome addition

What a shame that restaurant reviewer Hanna Raskin feels exactly the opposite of the loyal following Chef Toan has built at his hole-in-the-wall restaurant in an area of Mount Pleasant that needs to encourage and support such entrepreneurs.

I, for one, have never had anything less than friendly service at the restaurant and more than once the chef has sat down with us to tell us about the food, its origin, culture, etc.

Check out Yelp and Facebook to read what people think of this welcome addition to the neighborhood. Ever seen a good movie the critics panned? Well, just give this place one try and you’ll know what I mean.

Hanna does get it right when she states, “Yet for many diners, Mi Xao is a weekly habit.” Yes, that’s because the food is fresh, healthy, and reasonably priced. What a concept.

Rick Hall

Bergenfield Road

Mount Pleasant

Black quarterbacks

In reference to the Sept. 18 letter "Thrown for a loss” about black quarterbacks for the USC Gamecocks: The writer must not be a Gamecock fan because he forgot to mention two black quarterbacks that played for USC, Dondrial Pinkins and Syvelle Newton. He also failed to mention that they are recruiting a black QB from Dillon High School, Avery McCall.

Perhaps the writer should do his homework before he attempts to make a point.

Charles Hartzog

Dorchester Street


All bad

So let me get this straight. Obama negotiates with Syria and avoids killing people — bad thing. Obama refuses to negotiate over shutting the government down or the full faith and credit of the U.S. — also bad thing.

So basically whatever he does is bad in your opinion. I get it.

Rick Stringer

McDonough Road

Folly Beach