Charleston County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Aug. 12-16.


The Ryland Group Inc. sold 1428 Oldenburg Drive, Tupelo Plantation to Mickey C. Walker Jr. and Shana L. Walker for $315,487.

TDS of Charleston LLC sold 3591 Thunder Gulch Trail, Pepper Plantation to Thomas J. and Kathryn J. Pusser for $165,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3758 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Aferdita M. and Scott T. Brown for $300,907.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3785 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Thang K. Nguyen and Van Thi-Thanh Hoang for $253,129.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 3789 Tupelo Church Lane, Tupelo Plantation to Tupelo Holdings LLC for $294,626.

Patricia Annette Midgett sold 782 Wilson Cemetery Road to Russell C. and Rebecca L. Herbert for $207,500.


Caroline Spruill Wood sold Unit A, 230 Rutledge Ave. to Philippa M. Ward for $267,000.

REI Properties LLC sold Unit J, 53 Hasell St. to Alexa J. and Anthony A. Decesaris Jr. for $412,500.

Zachary A. Randall sold Unit C, 16 Duncan St. to Stephen George Sharp for $189,900.

Zoran and Tihana Rumboldt sold 7 Brewster Court to Audrey C. and Justin McCabe for $560,000.

Daniel R. and Robert G. Ellison sold 713 King St. to Jason Morgan for $335,500.

Kelly Marie Vest Skelly sold 9 Tradd St. to Peter and Melanie Birch for $4 million.

Edisto Island

Catharine S. Orr sold 8295 Oyster Factory Road to Fred M. and Louise C. Myers for $270,000.

Folly Beach

D. Karen Larrison and Michael D. Cutler sold 308 West Indian Ave., Sunset Point to Dennis E. and Patricia A. Hay for $565,000.

Isle of Palms

John William Whitley sold Unit D, 1 Seagrove Lane, Seagrove Villas to Chad E. and Christie A. Johnson for $775,000.

BDI Investments LLC sold 116 Ocean Blvd. to Robert C. Skaggs Jr. and Kimberly M. Skaggs for $2.7 million.

James Island

Richard L. Ashley sold 1040 Grand Concourse St., Ashcroft Hall to Nathaniel R. and Maria P. Jones for $296,000.

Zachary B. and Linda H. Stroud sold 1077 Harbor View Road, Lawton Bluff to Chase E. Barker for $190,000.

Bonnie E. Payne sold 1140 Clearspring Drive, Ocean Neighbors to Thomas S. Boyle for $360,000.

Trent Lawhorn sold 1307 Bob White Drive, Quail Run to Joseph D. and Karen G. Ewens for $245,000.

Jared and Kathryn Langan sold 1361 Briarfield Ave., White House Plantation to John M. and Kimberley A. Rankin for $215,000.

Alice Anne Richter Lehrman sold 1551 Patterson Ave., Bay Front to Christopher Hugh Carr for $200,000.

Mathew J. Gregoski sold 1803 Parkland Preserve Lane, Parkland Preserve to Sarah J. Grayce for $243,500.

Ferguson Road LLC sold 1965 Camp Road to Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community for $900,000.

Elaine M. Roversi sold 2072 Wappoo Drive, Riverland Terrace to Paul H. and Polly S. Cathcart for $400,000.

Clam Farm Partnership LLC sold 2128 Tides End Road, The Preserve at the Clam Farm to Kelly Ann McDevitt for $480,000.

Edward Cannon Wier and Ronald Parker Dempsey Jr. sold 2261 Woodland Shores Road, Stone Edge to Patrick and Laura Shaleuly for $262,000.

Michael A. and Catherine M. Latorre sold 2322 Swordfish Circle, Oak Island to Jay and Janice D. Messeroff for $835,000.

Holy City Holdings LLC sold 270 Fleming Road, Crosscreek to Shauwn Nevels and Koula Pantazis for $272,950.

John L. and Meredith L. McLaughlin III sold 455 Lydia Drive, Laurel Park to Joseph C. Carson for $335,000.

Brigitte H. Akra sold 734 Schaffer St., Clear View to Emily C. and William H. Watkins for $260,000.

Jeremiah D. McMichen sold 836 Mikell Drive, Stiles Point to Mara K. and Zachary J. Davis for $230,000.

Paul S. and Laureen A. Deibert sold 850 Godber St., Stiles Point to Anthony C. and Elizabeth A. Caruso for $489,000.

Linda J. Lockamy sold 908 Blockade Lane, Bayfield Manor to David M. and Kimberly L. Kascak for $280,000.

Johns Island

Shannon W. O’Brien sold 1105 Santa Elena Way, The Commons at Fenwick Hall to Craig I. Jones for $164,250.

St. Johns Capital LLC sold 1639 Bee Balm Road, St. Johns Crossing to Susan and Malcolm T. Rowland for $238,472.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1809 Towne St., The Cottages at John’s River Creek to Michael J. and James J. Setford for $244,237.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 1851 Brittlebush Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Hasson A. Al Quzaa and Ekaterina G. Uginova for $168,990.

Peter K. and Jerilyn M. Muhlhausen sold 2210 Shoreline Drive, Shoreline Farms to Katherine Ann Ledbetter for $370,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 2928 Bell Flower Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to John M. and Emily E. League for $279,985.

Southeastern Recapitalization Group LLC sold 2952 Sugarberry Lane, The Gardens at Whitney Lake to Barbara W. Hall for $165,990.

Ronald L. Kolanko sold 3222 Johnstowne St., Hope Plantation to Paul E. Radkoski for $385,000.

Kenton P. and Lourdes Schoen sold 3274 Johnstowne St., Hope Plantation to Richard L. and Francie B. Jacobs-Segal for $361,500.

Jason K. Locklair sold 4096 East Amy Lane, The Villages of St. John’s Woods to Robert David Azbill and Suzanne Sledd McGurk for $314,000.

Regina L. Carson sold 582 River Road, Ferryfield to Aaron J. Prayther for $340,000.

David W. and Gillian C. Baulieu sold 918 Sealoft Drive, Sealoft Villas to Alan A. and Joan M. Liddy for $317,900.

The Knight-Woodward Family Trust sold 3935 Willow Pointe Lane, Gift Plantation to John C. and Cynthia M. Tentinger for $559,000.

Kiawah Island

Jo Ann K. Curnyn sold 4779 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to James L. Wang and Jason McCree Gentry for $273,000.

Paul E. Rutledge III and Katherine L. Rutledge sold 4711 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to Stuart and Caren Hosansky for $585,000.

Robert W. and Jean G. Petty sold 54 Sunlet Bend, Inlet Cove Club to David Leland Steward Jr. and Mercedes Falciglia for $505,000.

Sandra Tetrick sold 4692 Tennis Club Lane, Tennis Club Villas to Charles H. Wendell for $245,000.

Susan E. Martin and Yvonne M. Smith sold 4378 Sea Forest Drive, Windswept Villas to James A. and Kimberly G. Hilbert for $545,000.

Dietrich J. and Helga Westphal sold 8 Avocet Lane, Egret Pintail to Richard J. Diemer Jr. and Adele Hoffmeyer for $1.9 million.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Royal Palms Holding LLC sold 1201 Dingle Road, Christ Church to Clint V. and Holly A. Fisher for $262,400.

Blue Clear Sky LLC sold Unit B, 662 Buckhall Court, Bay Tree to Scott B. Gelzer for $157,000.

John F. and Dorothea L. Armstrong sold Unit 1624, 1600 Long Grove Drive, Long Grove to Robert S. McMillin for $163,000.

Donald W. and Linda L. Dalton sold 1315 Basildon Road, The Battery at Park West to Robert Yelton Jr. and Sondra J. Yelton for $175,000.

Jason R. and Amy L. Potts sold 1099 Black Rush Circle, Whispering Marsh to Tina Varner Riggs for $415,000.

Benjamin R. and Cameron Liebetrau sold 1139 Two Rivers Drive, Harborgate Shores to Tiffany E. Peele for $315,650.

JW Homes LLC sold 1142 Ayers Plantation Way, The Harbour at Dunes West to Michael J. Pace for $559,900.

Nancy M. Farano sold 1164 Monaco Drive, Beaumont to Jan R. Bernich for $163,000.

Peik and Gail D. Van Waveren sold 118 Pitt St. to Rodney C. and Barbara W. Connell for $1.2 million.

Marnie L. Browder sold 1203 Island View Drive, Harborgate Shores to Landon M. Chitty and James W. Buckheister Jr. for $287,500.

Carol L. Amacher sold 1218 Waterfront Drive, Hidden Lakes to Warren R. Lee and Deborah K. Kaplan for $552,800.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1231 Tambourine Court, Lieben Park to Matthew R. Wurst for $322,015.

Chris P. and Christine Lake sold 1316 Woodlake Court, Hidden Lakes to Elizabeth B. Brinson for $630,000.

Peter L. Koste Jr. and Kendall C. Koste sold 1317 Old Ivy Way, Magnolia Grove at Brickyard Plantation to Ryan M. and Lori H. Nelson for $405,000.

Emmelyn H. Flint sold 1321 Erckmann Drive, Greenwich to Mary Helen Canaday for $405,000.

Robert McMillin sold 1337 Horseshoe Bend, Sweetgrass to Kelly Elizabeth Grommersch for $311,000.

Jeffrey S. Redden sold 1413 Omni Blvd., Raven’s Run to Dale M. and Laurie T. Weise for $565,000.

Mary Jane Mooney sold 1416 Appling Drive, Shellpoint to Scott R. Brannan and Cheryl Burnett for $495,000.

Dennis K. and Anna Martine sold 1495 Greenshade Way, Oakhaven Plantation to Alexandra E. Coleman for $440,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1521 Anacostia Ave., Carolina Park to Stewart A. and Carla M. Milhoan for $468,669.

Phillip C. Cranny sold 1604 Home Farm Road, The Home Farm to William M. and Lynne E. Nisbet for $917,000.

Christopher L. and Jaime B. West sold 1676 Heather Grove Lane, Marsh Cove to Stephen C. and Joey M. Bushey for $545,000.

Eric B. and Erin A. Craig sold 1704 Tolbert Way, Coatsbridge at Park West to Jason R. and Amy L. Potts for $427,000.

James and Martha Heslep sold 1859 Cherokee Rose Circle, Dunes West to Andrew J. Smith and Neda Yafeh-Smith for $658,000.

Robert R. and Aaron Balderson sold 1906 North Creek Drive, North Creek at the Pointe to Kimberly W. and Stephen D. Layton for $567,000.

Timothy R. and Melodie R. Smith sold 1924 Hall Point Road, Pembroke at Park West to Paul A. and Catherine H. Donato for $448,000.

M Design and Development LLC sold 204 Ferry St. to Edward Stiefel Jr. and Melinda S. Stiefel for $1.6 million.

H. Perry Shuping sold 23 Eastlake Road, I’On to Matthew G. and Leigh S. Watson for $795,000.

Dale and Fonda Mack sold 2468 Draymohr Court, The Keswick at Park West to Richard and Jeanne Higgins for $237,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 2468 Kings Gate Lane, The Heritage at Dunes West to Emily Lynne Allenspach for $264,915.

Kevin B. and Constance J. Couch sold 2749 Fountainhead Way, The Harbour to Robert C. and Melinda E. Miller for $430,000.

Sarah J. White sold 3108 Sonja Way, Marsh Walk at Park West to Marnie L. Browder for $383,500.

Matthew D. and Shelley T. Sherk sold 3435 Claremont St., Kensington at Park West to Roland M. and Laura J. Samples for $237,000.

Alexander P. and Whitney E. Okon sold 3460 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Kenneth R. and Terrie A. Bradstreet for $218,000.

William R. and Maryellen Greene sold 3532 Billings St., Madison at Hamlin Plantation to Vilma M. Trelles for $215,000.

Brenton J. and Tara H. Griffin sold 3561 Flowering Oak Way, The Village to Adam and Tammy Roberts for $532,500.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 3636 Maidstone Drive, Carolina Park to Peter M. and Lisa A. Nee for $375,691.

James R. and Elizabeth K. McMullan sold 3783 St. Ellens Drive, Darrell Creek to David S. and Ariana D. Sommer for $520,000.

Kenneth R. and Mary A. Seamon sold 411 Ansley Court, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to David R. and Katie S. Seamon for $345,000.

JW Homes LLC sold 4124 Whiting St., Waverly at Hamlin Plantation to Dale A. and Linda S. Little for $524,539.

Robert P. Grant and Myra J. Seaman sold 414 Springfield Road, Longpoint to Marshall D. Taft IV and Cayce C. Taft for $387,500.

Gary C. and Darlene M. Raphael sold 42 Isle of Hope, I’On to Meredith D. and Kristoff R. Reid for $670,000.

Plantation Partners LP sold 604 Stewardship Road, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Richard and Regina Nelson for $215,000.

Jeffrey S. and Jennifer K.O. Selman sold 617 Antebellum Lane, Rice Bay at Belle Hall Plantation to Alexander C. and Elizabeth M. Grumbacher for $375,000.

Kevin B. and Emily N. Smith sold 718 Osprey Court, Wakendaw Lakes to Diane B. Thomas and Henry Cabaniss for $365,650.

Deborah E. Blackwell Munchmeyer sold 745 Milldenhall Road, Point Pleasant to Rachel K. Brint for $340,000.

Alfred M. Paglia Jr. and Donna P. Thigpen sold 756 Sinlea Ave., Osceola Heights to Benjamin R. Liebetrau for $420,000.

Megan A. Johnson and Paul A. Caulder sold 893 Corinth Court, Candlewood to Christopher Richter for $225,050.

Kaarman and Julie Richburg sold 935 Law Lane, Snee Farm to Richard L. Stark Jr. and Melissa S. Stark for $425,000.

Benee Wallace sold 939 Pine Hollow Road, Hermitage to Nicholas J. and Caroline D. Rivera for $436,000

Steven A. and Shelley G. Yuhas sold 942 Scotland Drive, Creekside Park to John S. and Julia O. Goettee for $638,000.

North Charleston

Remount Village LLC sold 1464 Remount Road, Charleston Farms to LMW Enterprises LLC for $350,000.

Bridge Creek LLC sold 2653 Veneer Ave., Stark Industrial Park to 2653 Veneer LLC for $1.5 million.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 4930 West Liberty Park Circle, Oak Terrace Preserve to David R. and Angela R. Flenner for $227,152.

Seabrook Island

Dwayne R. Williamson sold 3238 Middle Dam to Scott L. Pope for $579,000.

James E. and Sandra J. Hoisington sold 3673 Seabrook Island Road to Douglas R. and Lucie M. Barnard for $1.7 million.

Douglas D. and Patricia F. Parker sold 1802 Long Bend Drive, Heron Point to Richard D. and Deborah C. Vaughan for $330,000.

Marilyn S. and A. James McKee Jr. sold 2830 Old Drake Drive to Wilfred D. and Deborah A. Wiehn for $700,000.

Andrew T. and Karen Hertzfeld sold 3251 Privateer Creek Road to James E. and Sandra J. Hoisington for $710,000.


Maria J. and Michael A. Tropauer sold 205 Savannah River Drive, The Lakes of Summerville to Tyler J. and Susan J. Jensen for $156,900.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 306 Wynfield Forest Drive, Wynfield Forest to Ronnie E. and Dolores B. Smiley for $194,000.

Los Homes LLC sold 636 Savannah River Drive, The Lakes of Summerville to Carlton B. and Barbara C. Hunter for $185,100.

West Ashley/ St. Andrews

Scott P. and Rebecca L. Register sold 113 S. Ainsdale Drive, Ainsdale at Shadowmoss Plantation to John G. and Sally S. Fletcher for $281,000.

Beazer Homes Corp. sold 1609 Seabago Drive, Bolton’s Landing to Austin G. Batten and Emily Victoria Arey for $227,415.

Windermere LLC sold 17 Jamaica Drive, South Windermere to Amy J. Foster and Joseph S. Bower Jr. for $530,000.

Donald Jacob Easterlin III and Joanne Easterlin Smith sold 17 Palmetto Road, Wappoo Heights to David M. and Posey M. Royall for $475,000.

Centex Homes sold 1727 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Christie J. Comer for $233,065.

Centex Homes sold 1739 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Ashley C. Allen for $256,615.

Centex Homes sold 1743 Indaba Way, Rice Field of Carolina Bay to Emma E. and John D. Flaugher for $279,165.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 2009 Maybelles Lane, Woodlands to Raul C. and Linda M. Meadows for $198,723.

Mary A. and Edwin L. Green sold 2024 Bayhill Drive, Hickory Hill Plantation to Jason L. and Mary L. Spell for $280,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 2030 Maybelles Lane, Woodlands to Kevin Brent Rowe for $185,960.

Woodlands Cooper Investment Group LLC sold 2113 Ashley Cooper Lane, Woodlands to Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC for $325,000.

Thomas P. and Laura K. Scholtens sold 2135 Hunter Creek Drive, Hickory Hill Plantation to Marisa Antonino for $234,000.

Carolyn T. and David P. Pracht sold 2942 Limestone Blvd., Drayton on the Ashley to Warren W. and Lindsay L. Chard for $175,000.

Centex Homes sold 3006 Memorial Drive, Creekside of Carolina Bay to Thomas H. and Marilyn A. Willis for $296,200.

David M. and Posey Royall sold 301 Hickory St., Ashley Forest to Holly L. Heller and Carol T. Miller for $279,500.

Caroline C. and Alan Burgreen sold 3019 Lazarette Lane, Bolton’s Landing to Mary Carla London for $193,000.

Shenelle A. Edwards sold 3320 Conservancy Lane, Bridgewater of Carolina Bay to Kristyn M. Arnold for $184,000.

Doug Thomas LLC sold 463 Shadowmoss Parkway, Middleborough Estates at Shadowmoss Plantation to Bryan and Sandra L. Parham for $490,000.

Berkeley County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Aug. 5-9.


Brittany L. Byron and Brittany Wamer sold 1228 Shadow Mist Lane, The Peninsula to Joshua K. and Jennifer A. Hasty for $182,500.

Dorothy B. Glasgow sold 202 Hasell Court, Retreat at Beresford to Deborah L. Sidwell for $365,000.

Richard E. and Melody H. Bundschuh sold 1535 Creek Side Way, Beresford Creek to Daniel and Allegra George for $676,000.


Petr Kunitsa sold 239 Leach Lane, Cross to Christopher L. and Sharrice A. Barnes for $318,000.

Daniel Island

Christopher A. and Mary Ann Karle sold 301 Beresford Creek St. to Rhett and Michelle Carlin for $543,000.

Jeryl Kronish sold Unit 2204, 130 River Landing Drive, Daniel Landing Condos to Peter and Laura Holland for $173,000.

Goose Creek

Andrew I. and Robyn M. Serody sold 120 Belleplaine Drive, Crowfield to Joann T. McKinney for $173,750.

Carley F. King sold 100 Thousand Oaks Circle, Crowfield to Raul and Maria T. Rodriguez for $180,000.

Kimberly B. and Lee J. Parker sold 143 Spindle Way, Cokers Crossing to Terence E. Riley for $168,400.

Centex Homes sold 150 Old Jackson Road, Fosters Creek to Kathryn A. and Tyler J. Westurn for $174,065.

Robert and Tiffani A. Alvarado sold 119 Salem Creek Drive, Brick Barn Pointe to Jan Michael Moisa for $155,000.


Crescent Homes LLC sold 7205 Mossy Creek Lane, Mossey Creek to Florian J. Auckenthaler and Emily L. Ridgley for $318,044.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 7216 Mossy Creek Lane, Mossey Creek to Jeffrey M. and Julie M. Calafiore for $298,541.

Kari L. and Justin T. Morris sold 7600 Stargazer Drive, Tanner Plantation to Lance A. and Regina G. Hesseltine for $242,000.

Randall Blake Byers sold 1508 Egret Creek Court, Tanner Plantation to Deanna J. Lawson for $330,000.

Taylar C. and Edwin L. Tyson sold 1412 Kinglet Lane, Tanner Plantation to Kristopher D. Kenyon for $225,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 7506 Stargazer Drive, Tanner Plantation to Tamara A. and Jason M. Cribb for $260,035.

Theresa A. Poulos sold 1407 White Ibis Court, Eagle Landing to Chuong Van Nguyen and Van Thi Nguyen for $179,000.

Moncks Corner

Harbor Homes LLC sold 546 Chaff Lane, Fishers Wood at Spring Grove to Angela Lynn Bartolome for $298,137.

First Barony LLC sold 169 Charlesfort Way, Barony at Spring Grove Plantation to Bradley A. and Ploysiri Douville for $215,089.

DR Horton Inc. sold 118 Carolina Wren Ave., Cypress Ridge to Jason and Sabrina C. Yancey for $197,900.

Dan Ryan Builder SC LLC sold 120 Springbank Court, Foxbank Plantation to Justin and Rachel Heaton for $223,656.


Centex Homes sold 328 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Mona Lisa Reyes for $265,090.

Centex Homes sold 502 Cinder Court, Cane Bay to Thomas C. Williams for $254,220.

Centex Homes sold 329 Decatur Drive, Cane Bay to Tracey L. Krapf for $305,800.

Home Corp. Pulte sold 317 Spyglass Drive, Cane Bay to Mary K. Miller for $276,065.

Centex Homes sold 140 Brookhaven Road, Cane Bay to Nashat M. Zeid Allah for $176,065.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 464 Eastern Isle Ave., Cane Bay to Paul P. and Donna M. Anselmo for $254,400.

William S. and Sarah A. Cassidy sold 101 Buckfield Lane, Weatherstone to John G. and Jacqueline L. Todd for $219,000.

Dorchester County

The transactions listed below include properties sold for $150,000 or more and recorded between Aug. 5-9.


Christopher R. Wallace sold 108 Mansfield Blvd., Archdale to Scott A. and Heather L. Crothers for $179,000.

North Charleston

Clinton E. Roberts sold 8408 Greenleaf Court, Marsh Sides to Debra Lee Fielder for $162,500.

SDJ LLC sold 8739 Millerville Drive, Cedar Grove to Charles W. and Dana L. Littles for $375,000.

Frank P. and Mary Ellen Piccione sold Unit 1802, 8800 Dorchester Road, Villas at Charleston Park to Joyce A. Smith for $162,000.

Kelli D. and Kary A. Troupe sold 5413 Red Tip Lane, Whitehall to Howard and Elizabeth A. Butler for $214,900.

Lawrence and Elaine Gross sold Unit 3304, 8800 Dorchester Road, Villas at Charleston Park to Mangalam K. Balachander for $163,000.

Edwin A. Archila sold 2181 Landing Parkway, Appian Landing to Daniel and Phyllis Lambert for $179,000.

Ashley River Town Homes LLC sold 5510 Colonial Chatsworth Circle, Summers Bend on the Ashley to Emily Case for $159,000.


Bruce Gerald and Christina P. Frazier sold 100 Old Postern Road, Parsons Road to John Michael and Adrian C. Wood for $330,000.

Carl F. Bollettino sold 1196 Out of Bounds Drive, Legend Oaks Plantation to Bryan J. Ritzul for $287,500.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 253 Silver Cypress Circle, Legend Oaks Plantation to Leonard J. and Nancy A. Simutis for $307,771.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1080 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Manuel and Lisa L. Ojeda for $300,000.

Dan Ryan Builders South Carolina LLC sold 1079 Blockade Runner Parkway, River Birch to Troy Javonne Winslow and Sabrina H. Winslow for $281,000.

Daniel S. and Emily W. Crane sold 5298 Mulholland Drive, Birkdale Village at Wescott to Jack and Shailyn M. Talkington for $265,000.

David J. and Sonja K. Dupont sold 223 Lipman St., Colonial Pines to Christopher A. and Jessica R. Pirraglia for $155,000.

DR Horton Inc. sold 276 Hundred Oaks Parkway, The Ponds to John J. and Carolyn J. McCracken for $362,500.

Earl E. and Lisa M. Brooks sold 221 Lipman St., Colonial Pines to Dorothy J. and Leonard M. Roberts for $162,500.

Matthew C. Mahoney and Rebecca J. Rickey sold 152 Pavilion St., Reminisce to Gabriel Lee Gerling for $183,000.

Michael L. and Christina G. Stubbs sold 110 Killdeer Trail, Arbor Walk to Philip James Hahner for $188,000.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 189 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Alice Marie Hamilton for $312,669.

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 205 Donning Drive, The Ponds to Larry and Jenniffer Michelle Arnold for $297,651.

Fieldview Subdivision LLC sold 200 Comiskey Park Circle, Fieldview to David J. Allen for $243,000.

Robert E. Jackson sold 152 Moon Dance Lane, Sunburst Lakes to James Ray for $152,000.

Sabal Homes at Branch Creek LLC sold 303 Branch Creek Trail, Branch Creek to Victor Erwin and Sharon Marie Haskell for $306,389.

Steven P. and Julia A. Simoneaux sold 115 Valentin Drive, Plum Creek to Gregory R. Leonard for $195,000.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 5002 Shelbourne Court, Victoria Pointe to Joseph J. and Luci J. Sprovach for $248,439.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 6000 Liddington Court, Victoria Pointe to Roswita H. Jones for $207,011.

The Ryland Group Inc. sold 102 President Circle, Pine Forest Inn to Todd R. Washko for $425,000.

Todd E. and Angela D. Barnett sold 8979 North Red Maple Circle, Farm at Wescott to John Scott Carlson for $153,444.

Wade M. and Amber E. Butterfield sold 100 Back Creek Court, Legend Oaks Plantation to Louise Carol Waszak for $282,000.

William E. and Sharon A. Shepherd sold 308 Ayers Drive, Salisbury Acres to Alfred A. and Deborah L. Casciato for $380,000.