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MADISONVILLE, Ky. (AP) — A rare Civil War-era flag featuring 35 stars is set to go on display in Hopkins County.

Patricia Baber of Madisonville donated the flag to the Historical Society of Hopkins County, which will display the relic display at Parkway Plaza Mall from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CDT Monday.

Baber told The Messenger the flag was passed down from her grandmother, Mabel Place, who lived in upstate New York, but the maker is unknown.

“Grandmother collected and saved everything,” Baber, 80, said.

Historical Society President Bob Adkins says the flag reflects West Virginia’s entry into the Union in 1863, putting it as having been made and used around the time of the Civil War.

“It’s very fragile, and we don’t hang it in order to keep the stress off of it,” Adkins said.

Historian Spencer Brewer says the flag isn’t a military banner, but was likely displayed at a home or business.

“It’s an original, which makes it special,” Brewer said. “It was well taken care of — a real treasure.”

It was hand-sewn with light linen-like material. Inside one of the seams, hand writing with the name Wyman B. Hall, 45 Wilson St., Brooklyn, New York, appears perfectly legible.

“It’s remarkable that it has survived and it’s in good shape,” Adkins said.

Baber hopes people will find the flag interesting.

“It’s better to share it with others rather than it be in a box in my closet,” she said.


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