PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — By all appearances, the world is Alyson Seligman’s runway.

Hyperconnected and not a hair out of place, the Palm Beach Gardens lifestyle blogger is an in-demand “influencer” who’s worked for T.J.Maxx, Revlon, Bacardi and Scotch Duct Tape, highlighting their products on her peppy website, (“A handbook for your best life”). She’s one of 17 women nationwide whom Target selected to preview its merchandise months before it hits stores, and “People Style Watch” and “Redbook” will share her shopping tips in fall issues.

“Three years ago, four years ago, five years ago, I could never see me sitting in this moment, with a blog and a business and a 3½-year-old,” she said.

That’s because Seligman, who appears to be the picture of health, struggles daily with medical issues. She’s survived a rare disorder that left her temporarily paralyzed and permanently altered.

In March 2010, life delivered the unexpected. The diagnosis was transvere myelitis, a one-in-a-million neurological disorder caused by inflammation across a segment of spinal cord or, in Seligman’s case, along her entire spinal cord. Her complete recovery from the ordeal took the better part of a year, but she still experiences pins-and-needles and burning sensations in her legs and feet, and her bladder, she said, “is shot.” (Botox injections keep things in check.)

Seligman admits that the name of her blog might be misleading. But not really.

“I have some facets that make me not so average, but when you hone in on who the real me is, that feels slightly awkward or shy or still working on perfecting the best styles for her body and what makeup colors look best for her and what hair products she should be using, then that’s where the Average Girl’s Guide comes from.

“I’m just an average girl trying to figure that out, and I think I’ve always been that girl.”

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