•Anything goes at car show•

The threat of rain nearly canceled the first-time Anything on Wheels, held Aug. 17.

Yet while the number of exhibitors was on the modest side, organizers now have one car show under their belts. And they’re ready for more.

The show, held at The Fire Museum on Centre Pointe Drive in North Charleston, attracted about 20 cars and trucks. There was even a gas-powered bicycle.

“It turned out great,” said Larry Bowman, the car buff who came up with the idea and helped bring the concept to life. The event was “for a good cause. We didn’t make a dime off of it,” he said.

Show proceeds support NuLife Housing for Homeless Heroes, which also took part in organizing the show. The group runs NuLife Transitional Recovery House Inc. near Summerville’s central business district.

The Anything on Wheels show was open to all makes and types of two-plus wheelers including motorcycles, muscle cars, antiques, sports cars, dune buggies, tow trucks, fire engines and three wheelers.

Along with classic Camaros, Corvettes and Mustangs, the show brought out exotic vehicles such as Perry Woods’ bicycle operated by a 49 cc engine. Complete with coaster brakes and a speedometer, the bike can reach speeds of 28 mph and can travel 50 miles on half-a-gallon of fuel.

“This was our first car show,” Alleine Simmons, director of NuLife, said while recognizing participants. “We learned a lot.” She expects the show to return next year and branch out with a companion event in Summerville in April or May.

“Hopefully, we’ll get it up and running,” Bowman says, noting that the funds will help keep the Summerville group operating.

Formed in 2008, the organization’s main function is to provide homeless vets with meals and a place to stay. Simmons described the shelter as a “beautiful home.”

For more information, visit www.nulifetrc.org.