Conduct a search

There is every reason to conduct a national search for a new executive director for the Charleston County Aviation Authority. The board and the public deserve to know what talent is available before making a selection.

It is irresponsible to select a person for this important position on what is virtually a tie vote and without knowing whether there are experienced airport authority directors interested in this position.

Holding political office concurrently with the airport executive director position does seem to run the risk of injecting political cronyism into the office.

John McTavish

Bishop Gadsden

James Island

‘Never surrender’

I believe that the media and the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of this country are simply obsessed with stirring up racial division among our citizens. I think that it comes down to job security for them.

Most people who have decided to use their brains to research the Confederate flag for themselves have come to understand that it isn’t the evil symbol that the media would like for us to believe. The flag stands for honor, courage and defiance of tyranny in the face of overwhelming odds.

I have many ancestors who fought, bled and died under that flag, including my great- great-great-grandfather Jacob S. Dantzler, who didn’t own slaves and whom I am very proud of. The Confederate flag has been, and continues to be, used by ignorant and evil people, but people have similarly used, and still use, the flag of the United States also.

If we are ever forced to surrender the Confederate flag due to these few people, we are in a sense saying that we should also surrender the U.S. flag. Let’s stand together and defend all of our heritages. Never surrender. Deo vindice.

Fred L. Dantzler IV

E. Main Street


Damage control

Charleston Mayor Joe Riley’s Aug. 11 column was the Charleston County Aviation Authority’s attempt at damage control after losing longtime airport director Sue Stevens.

The Aviation Authority has agreed to fill the airport director’s position with a part-time director/part-time politician.

Bottom line is that authority members created intolerable conditions that did not allow Sue Stevens, a highly qualified, intelligent and professional person, to run our airport. These authority members are politicians. Their egos, quest for power, authority and promotions of personal agendas have led to their chaotic practices and questionable decisions.

The airport workforce deserves better and so do we taxpayers and airport users.


Hartin Boulevard


Powerful boost

Take a look at your power bill for the last two months, and try to not fall out of the kitchen chair. SCE&G has a great tool online that allows you to look at your monthly power consumption, and you can compare that by month or even relative to last year.

Last July Charleston experienced 26 days with temperatures over 90 degrees, but less than 10 this past month. Everything else being equal, our SCE&G electric consumption increased from about 1,400 kWh last year to about 2,000 kWh this year.

This caused me to look at last month’s bill and it had about a 25 percent increase, also relative to last year with hotter weather. Everyone I have talked to said they had the same unbelievable power consumption and extremely high power bills these past two months. If you are seeing the same thing, please let SCE&G know and talk to your neighbors to see if they are having the same problem.

These huge increases may be the product of a mistake at SCE&G estimating consumption rather than everyone all of a sudden increasing residential power consumption to the levels of a business at the mall.

Danny Gustafson

Lynne Avenue


Retirement plan

An Aug. 14 letter to the editor regarding federal benefits had one glaring error. The Civil Service Retirement Plan was the old plan. I know this because I retired under it after 30 years of service on Dec. 31, 2012. The FERS or Federal Employee Retirement System was enacted June 6, 1986. And as a retiree from the U. S. Postal Service I opted to keep my health insurance.

I do pay a lot more than current postal employees, but it is totally worth it.

Gail Mizuk

Olympia Avenue

North Charleston