A Mount Pleasant man is accused of “huffing” from a spray container before and after crashing his car into an embankment.

Kirby Donald Burkholder, 24, was charged with reckless driving, inhaling aromatic hydrocarbon and having expired tags, police said.

Witnesses saw Burkholder inhaling from a Dust-Off can, which is referred to as ‘huffing’, before and immediately after wrecking his car in a ditch on Mathis Ferry Road and Lymington Drive on Aug. 14 at 5:19 p.m., according to an incident report.

Burkholder told police he wasn’t sure how he crashed and that people from the roadway ran up to his car yelling at him for no reason, the report stated.

Police said Burkholder purchased the Dust-Off can about 15 minutes before the crash.

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