There’s a reason the dog is called Man’s Best Friend.

A dog greets its owner every day as if they haven’t been together in months.

It doesn’t matter what it is, a dog likes what his owner likes. Particularly what his owner likes to eat.

And when a dog’s owner feels blue, his buddy will curl up at his feet to comfort him.

Dog lovers have known it for years, but scientists at the University of Tokyo now are concluding that dogs feel empathy for their owners. They know because of their yawns.

Just as yawning is contagious for people, it is also contagious for dogs. When a person yawns, a dog is likely to respond with a yawn of its own.

But the dog is even more likely to yawn if the person he’s responding to is his owner.

Researchers set out to discover why. Some had conjectured that dogs were yawning out of distress. But they checked the dogs’ heart rates (not elevated) and decided it wasn’t about stress. Instead, it’s an emotional connection between the dog and its owner.

But you dog owners knew that. It’s an unspoken truth between two best friends.