Tipping etiquette

In reference to the Aug. 13 “Tipping” article, I fully agree that you should tip when you are seated at a restaurant and being served, or if someone delivers food to you. If you go to a fast-food restaurant you don’t tip. Why would you tip when using a restaurant’s curbside service?

Should we tip at the fast-food restaurants? “Will that complete your order? That will be $8.69 plus tip at the first window please.”

My wife and I shop at Publix every week. There’s always someone bagging our groceries and offering to take our cart to the car. If you go to tip him, he refuses it and says that he is just doing his job.

I work in a customer service industry, and I don’t have a tip jar in my office. Should there be a tip jar at every job in the customer service industry?

There are bigger issues than this that need to be addressed.

Josh Walker

Austin Creek Court


Slanted media

It is hard to believe that The Washington Post sold for a mere $250 million. That’s pocket change on Wall Street.

And can you imagine if Rupert Murdoch had gotten hold of that paper? What a blow that would have dealt to our country.

I saw a bumper sticker recently that read: “Is that the truth, or did you hear it on Fox News?”

I am frightened by a world where the media are controlled and information is slanted to fit the desires of media owners. Let’s hope the new owner keeps out of the way to ensure journalistic and editorial integrity.

William A. Johnson

Serotina Court

Mount Pleasant

GOP problems

There seems to be constant dialogue about the GOP’s difficulty attracting young and minority voters.

I suggest looking at two of our most prominent congressmen, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both have chosen to follow in the footsteps of Democrat Charles Schumer of New York. Sen. Schumer’s longtime strategy has been simple: Publicity is good, so stick your face in any camera available. Lindsey Graham appears on so many talk shows, you might think he has just released a movie.

Sen. McCain is a true American war hero, and no one should doubt his value to our military and the debt we collectively owe him. That does not mean we should follow his now-delusional ideas as he drifts into the Democratic Party. He is a perfect example of why we need term limits and mandatory retirements. Remember the last few years of Sen. Robert Byrd and reporter Helen Thomas?

Sen. Graham is a staunch supporter of our military, but he has never had much of a backbone when standing up to the Democrats. He talks tough but when it comes time to vote he too often sides with the Democrats, the worst example being the two Obama Supreme Court appointments America will be shackled with for years to come.

Unable to organize any reasonable reform measures in the Senate, they went off on a field trip to Egypt. Obama apparently feels John Kerry incapable. So rather then risk his own humiliation he drafts two sucker Republicans who have zero chance of accomplishing anything significant in Egypt, but at least the public won’t blame the Democrats.

If the GOP really wants to attract more voters it can start by dumping candidates who don’t represent conservative values. We can dump Lindsey Graham in the primary. If the GOP really wants new voters it needs new candidates. We already have one very attractive candidate, Nancy Mace. She is young, intelligent, conservative and, do I dare say it?, a woman.

Larry Wiessmann

Seabrook Island Road

Johns Island

Ellis rates better

I read about Folly Beach City Councilman Eddie Ellis and his removal as mayor pro tem. I have known Mr. Ellis about nine years, eight of those years as a council member. During this time I worked closely with him. He always did his homework. He spent many hours in my office so he would understand city government.

Mr. Ellis is a passionate man, especially about Folly Beach, and he sometimes allows his emotions to go over the top. Don’t we all, especially when we love something and are totally committed to it?

I do not defend the things he has done, but I suggest we look at the total picture of this man’s service. We are the sum total of our experiences and the sum total of his experience on council and his service to the community needs to be viewed as a whole.

Eleven incidents are only a small part of his experience on council. All except one occurred in 2009 and earlier. Mr. Ellis spends many hours preparing for meetings and talking to residents to gauge their feelings on issues. He has introduced bills benefiting the community — one giving all of the local option sales tax back to the property owners.

Mr. Ellis is a good council member who cares much about his community, his town, and its people. Let us all take the time to remember a quote from the Bible, Matthew 7:3-5 (NIV), which states: “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Toni Conner-Rooks

Rocky Top Lane


It’s our choice

Why in the world is Bishop Charles vonRosenberg back in court trying to oust or discredit the bishop that my diocese elected to lead us five years ago?

Mark Lawrence, Bishop Mark Lawrence, is the man we chose to lead us then, and we still prefer him as our primary leader, our bishop, now. If he retired all of a sudden, we, the Diocese of South Carolina, now officially the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina, would choose a person to replace him — we would not accept a designate from the national church.

But again, why is the national church’s local, newly elected bishop doing this? The major contestants in the primary dispute in South Carolina state court have already agreed that the churches that left the national church have the right to use the name and symbols they have historically used.

Is he simply doing this at the behest of the national church to hassle Mark Lawrence and us? Surely, the national church is above such childish behavior. Maybe Charles von- Rosenberg wants the court to say he is the real bishop as U.S. District Judge Houck asked.

I would reiterate that we the people, we the parishioners of the Diocese of South Carolina, we the congregations of Episcopalians in this geographical coastal part of South Carolina get to decide who our real bishop is. And that’s that.

W.C. Wilson, M.D.

Church Street


Missing children

I have an idea: We should place pictures of missing children on the outside of all railroad cars in the United States.

We should also place pictures of these children on all containers that ship around the world on merchant ships.

Crickett Manigault

Mazyck Greens Court

Goose Creek

Heavy burden

If Obamacare does not collapse under its own weight by 2014, my private health insurance premiums will probably increase 50 to 70 percent.

In addition, our emperor-in-chief has declared that those members of Congress who rammed this legislation down our throats with no bi-partisan support, and their staff will not have to bear the burden of this law — a burden written into the law in order to help get it passed.

“We, too,” they declared, “will have to abide by the tenets of the Affordable Care Act.”

Now they are exempt, and my tax dollars will be used to help defray 75 percent of their premiums so they can retain their “Cadillac” plan.

I like the plan I have. I don’t want to pay more for insurance I don’t need. I am not eligible for subsidies.

Not only will I get no benefit from this law, it will be more of a burden to me. It appears we now live in a country where only those elected officials who find it convenient or economically feasible are required to abide by our laws — and where our president is allowed to pick and choose what laws, or which parts of a law, get enforced or ignored and who gets exempted. Does anyone else find this appalling?

Denise D. Haberern

Baywood Drive

Seabrook Island