Lower rates?

On Aug. 8, The Post and Courier reported the tremendous savings SCE&G was realizing on the two new nuclear power plants in Fairfield County. Instead of the initial estimate of $5.8 billion, the new price is estimated to be $3.5 billion. This is a huge savings.

With that good news, we can eagerly await a forthcoming rate reduction from them. The Public Service Commission of South Carolina and SCE&G must be intently calculating our anticipated savings.

But for some reason, I don’t think we will ever see it.

Terry L. Watkins

Wildwood Landing

North Charleston

Support Campbell

I have read with interest the articles concerning the resignation of Sue Stevens and the plan to hire state Sen. Paul Campbell as the new director of the Charleston Airport Authority.

Our airport serves the tri-county and numerous outlying areas. It is a vital piece of infrastructure to our community, Joint Base Charleston, and it provides necessary facilities for our largest and newest employer in the region, Boeing.

The job of director is much too important to allow what I can only determine is bickering, jealousy or behind-the-scenes maneuvering. We need to get it right.

It is the appointed board’s decision to hire Sen. Campbell. We in the community need to embrace and support this decision and work to make our airport the best it can be.

Paul Campbell has an extensive background as an industrialist and CEO of an international Fortune 500 company. He has a proven track record of making good decisions in the private sector, as a family man and as a volunteer with business and service organizations.

His role as a state senator can only help, not hurt, our region. He is known to be a hard worker who puts the team first and himself last.

Recently he was instrumental in two major industries announcing their new locations in the Charleston region over competing communities. Paul is an excellent negotiator, which is very hard to see on a resume.

We may do an exhaustive search and find a better resume, but sometimes things happen with perfect timing: a resignation and an extremely good fit for replacement. That is what we have here.

I believe Mayors Riley, Summey and Swails got it right in supporting Paul Campbell from the beginning, once the position became available.

I hope we allow the senator to go to work and continue to provide excellent advice and to make excellent decisions for our community in relation to this important piece of infrastructure.

Robert L. Pratt

Sumter Avenue


‘Veil of silence’

A bunch of people are wondering why not even one of your intrepid reporters has been able to break the veil of silence over the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

The consensus among a wide number of people is that the aviation authority is a political wallow. The mud hole just seems to grow wider and the closer you get to it the more you become enveloped in its vile odor.

Will it be too much to hope that the public will remember who was in that wallow in the election coming upon us in a scant 10 months?

Just think, the aviation authority and the production of “Southern Charm” all at one time. Talk about wallowing. Heaven help us all.

Ben McC. Moise

Smith Street


Trashing beach

Are your ears burning? If you are one of the lazy jerks who leaves trash on our beautiful beaches, they should be.

I am the little redhead who picks up after you every morning on the Isle of Palms. Yeah, that’s me, uttering expletives as I make trip after trip to trash cans with your plastic bags, plastic bottles, polystyrene foam cups and cigarette butts.

It’s fine if you are happy with your trashy existence and don’t mind sharing it with the rest of us, I get that, but for crying out loud, leave our wildlife out of your selfish, lazy habits.

Virtually every piece of garbage claimed by the tide will look like a tasty morsel to innocent creatures.

Your refusal to walk the 10 feet to one of the dozens of bright yellow trash cans just might kill a sea turtle. Surely, you can care about that. Not only is your buffet of juice boxes, beer cans and Doritos bags unsightly, it is also deadly.

Clean up after yourself. If you don’t, I hope your ears burn right off.

Becca Lovett

Old Colony

Mount Pleasant

Not above the law

If Dusten Brown and representatives of the Cherokee Nation wish to engage in future litigation over jurisdictional or any other legal theory, that is certainly within their right. But in the meantime there is no legal basis for Mr. Brown to continue to withhold Veronica from her adoptive parents.

The Capobiancos, after being ordered to give up Veronica whom they had raised for 27 months since her birth, with devastated hearts, said goodbye to her, and then continued their legal battle all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Brown must submit to the law no matter his personal disagreement.

He should not be given special treatment due to the understandably emotional and public disagreement surrounding this case.

Nobody is above the law and disagreement with the law is no excuse for willful disobedience to it.

Bonnie Cleaveland


Southgate Drive