It’s going to be a long day for the crew of the Beaufort boat Stray Dog.

Angler Bill Rosengarten, Capt. Chris Rosengarten and Ja Malphrus landed a 39.76-pound king mackerel Friday and held the lead after the first day of fishing in the 20th annual Fishing for Miracles King Mackerel Tournament being fished out of Ripley Light Yacht Club.

“Tomorrow’s going to be another long day but it feels good to lead for a little while,” Bill Rosengarten said after watching the last of the fish weighed.

The Stray Dog crew caught their fish at 9:30 a.m. and continued to fish until 2 p.m. before picking up lines in order to make the 4 p.m. check-in time. The fish was caught using a live blue runner.

“I didn’t think it was that big. I thought it was probably around 32 pounds,” Rosengarten said. “We had two slightly smaller fish.”

Second place belongs to Betty Lou II out of Mount Pleasant with a 37.64-pound catch by Craig Wilson. They caught their fish around 11 a.m.

Third with a 36.90-pound catch is Fish Hunter out of Charleston, owned by Melvin Knight.

This year’s tournament drew 125 boats. Today’s final weigh-in is scheduled from 1-4 p.m.



(boat, captain, weight)

1. Stray Dog, Chris Rosengarten, 39.76. 2. Betty Lou II, Jared Paulsen, 37.64. 3. Fish Hunter, Melvin Knight, 36.90. 4. Lik 2 Fish, Mark Droslhagen, 36.04. 5. Pursuit, Dennis Schafer, 34.65. 6. Juggernaut, Bert Harvey, 34.54. 7. Knot @ Work, Robert Olsen, 33.75. 8. Sump ‘M Catchy, Buster Altine, 33.15. 9. In 2 Deep, Kevin O’Neale, 33.12. 10. No Patience/HCO, Shannon Elias, 32.97. 11. Tailwalker, Stuart Ballard, 31.37. 12. Real Time, Rich Bermudez, 31.26. 13. Ripple Effect, Billy Freeman, 31.21. 14. Gas Money, James Lane Jr., 29.42. 15. 4 My Boys, Bruce Harley, 29.16. 16. MSC, David Perry, 28.00. 17. Kavitator, Dean Hinely, 27.33. 18. The Law, Jeff Drake, 26.66. 19. Solid Surface, Andy Nettles, 25.85. 20. Big Bad Wolf, Stacy Wester, 25.85. 21. Half Mine II, Preston Knight, 25.21. 22. Speedgoat, Bernard Blair, 23. Zig Zag, Walicor Ferrell, 24.85. 24. Sea Scaper, Dennis Hensley, 24.56. 25. Scott N Water, Scott Rath, 24.40. 26. Eren’s Addiction Too, Jack Bracewell, 24.30. 27. Team Sperry/Net Profit, Bryan Baxter, 23.86. 28. Mangler, Moe Mangan, 23.67. 29. Liquid Nitro, Jason Solano, 23.28. 30. Rock Doc, Robert Wiggins, 22.99.

23-Under Class

1. Betty Lou II, Jared Paulsen, 37.64. 2. Fish Hunter, Melvin Knight, 36.90. 3. In 2 Deep, Kevin O’Neale, 33.12.