Having read for the umpteenth time an article about the biological daughter of Dusten Brown, I am again reminded that the full story has yet to be told.

Unfortunately, while this adoption has turned out to be one of the most highly publicized “private” adoptions, the public has not been privy to the entire story. The complete truth may only be found in the sealed documents allowed by our courts and the adoption details between the biological mother and the Capobiancos.

I have understood and supported Dusten Brown in his efforts to retrieve his child as well as sympathized with the Capobiancos for what is surely a very difficult situation for them.

Having said that, Monday’s remark by Matt Capobianco demanding, “No more excuses. Our child has been kidnapped and I expect the situation to be treated as such,” is very disconcerting.

From all accounts, both the media and the courts have been most favorable to him and to his wife.

Sadly, Dusten’s side of the story had to be written by him in his efforts to be heard.

Given his tone, has Matt forgotten or does he even care that in spite of what the court says, Dusten is still biologically and emotionally attached to his child, as any good and loving parent would be?

Dusten’s desires and intentions of holding onto and raising his own child, even if it’s proven to be a failed attempt, should at least be respected if not applauded by the Capobiancos.

What is best for the child should be paramount regardless of any feelings of entitlement by the adoptive parents. One thing is certain: Should Veronica be returned to the Capobiancos because history and our justice system dictate that she will — for the child’s sake, I hope that the Capobiancos will never have regrets regarding the thwarting of the “in the best interest of the child” hearing by our South Carolina legal system.

Adoption laws exist for a reason. Parental rights to their children should never be up for sale.

Minorities and people of good will have learned that unjust laws still have to be challenged, even when there is a price to pay for those actions.

Dusten obviously has decided that no sacrifice is too great given his love for his daughter.

Dot Scott is president of the Charleston Branch NAACP.