A private club in Florence called The Beaver Lodge was shut down Tuesday after complaints that members were lining up sex partners there.

The club, operated by a group called The Benevolent Order of Beavers, opened last weekend in a former doctor’s office on Hazel Drive. It immediately drew complaints when the website implied that members could engage in consensual sex there, according to County Building Official Shawn Brashear.

“I thought The Beaver Lodge was something like the Elks Lodge or the Moose Lodge until I saw the website,” he said by telephone Wednesday.

The county’s zoning ordinance prohibits adult entertainment in that area, Brashear said. His department went by the club Tuesday and posted an order that prohibits any further construction work on the building or occupancy until the zoning conflict is resolved.

Club founder Robert Carr, a married chemistry professor, said he didn’t see the problem.

“Some of our members feel we should be able to do in this club anything consenting adults should be able to do in their own home,” he said by telephone Wednesday. “If people were to meet here and enjoy their time together here, they might want to go ahead and consummate something on the premises. That’s what people do all the time in their own home. It’s clean and safe.”

He made some changes on the website after the notice from the county. It no longer talks about meeting sexual partners at the club.

“Now we can meet and socialize here, but if you want to take it further you will have to spend $80 on a motel down the street,” he said.

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