Too much for one man

Wednesday’s Post and Courier reported that state Sen. Paul Campbell is prepared to accept the position as executive director of the Charleston County Aviation Authority.

In his comments, Sen. Campbell indicated that he “does not intend to resign from the Senate,” further indicated that “he can work remotely from Columbia when the Legislature is in session,” and “if it becomes an issue, I will deal with it at the time.”

With all due respect to all concerned, the previous executive director was being paid over $200,000, and I have two questions to ask this aviation board and one question to ask Sen. Campbell:

1) Will Sen. Campbell be paid $200,000 for his “part-time” job? That is what it would be since he would still be in Columbia, essentially spending all of his time representing his constituents.

2) If Sen. Campbell can “do this job” while he is a full-time senator in Columbia, why were we paying the previous director that amount of money?

3) Why would the senator do this to his constituents? Either you spend your time working for your voters or you do not. Doing both deprives the voters of a full-time representative and deprives the authority of a full-time executive director.

Another question comes to mind: Who will benefit when work is necessary in Columbia at the same time the executive director is needed at the Aviation Authority?

Bottom line: Both positions are important. “If it becomes an issue I will deal with it at the time” is too little too late, and someone is getting the short end of Sen. Campbell’s expertise.


Waterfront Drive

Mount Pleasant

More of the same?

I am trying to get my arms around the Charleston County Aviation Authority’s decision to hire a non-aviation type, without a bona fide search, for a job that obviously has become very political.

First things first. No matter the need in replacing the previous director as quickly as possible, the negative vibes following her resignation should be investigated, aired and corrective action taken before any replacement is considered.

Then, and I agree with the six-vote minority, a national search should be initiated with applications reviewed and narrowed for a long-term replacement.

Hiring a 67-year-old state senator with little experience in the field of aviation operations and management is not the answer.

Let’s not let the process be marred by the “good ole boy” politics of the board that has plagued us throughout the years.

Elton K. Carrier

King Street

Mount Pleasant

Trust capable Campbell

Why not stop the bickering and let the man have a chance?

Sen. Paul Campbell is a real professional, and I know he knows his limitations.

I admire him for wanting to serve the remainder of his term of office in the General Assembly. If he can’t handle it and the job of executive director of the Charleston County Aviation Authority, I know he will make the necessary change.

How long does the state Senate meet, anyway? Sen. Campbell knows how to keep several balls in the air at one time. He proved it at Alumax and later Alcoa. He also knows how to develop the people who will work with him.

There is a significant difference between board directing and managing. I fear that some members of the Aviation Authority do not know the difference.

I am sure there will be plenty of issues to bicker about in the future.


South Basilica Avenue