I-526 hypocrisy

I don’t get it. Charleston County Council decided to build a $558 million road because it didn’t want to pay $13 million back to the State Infrastructure Bank.

Now members have decided to pay 3,000 property owners within 1,000 feet of the road $20 to $30 million.

On top of that they propose building $20 million worth of sound walls. These are not part of the project and will not be funded by the state. County taxpayers will pay for both.

Where is the consistency? Who is going to watch out for the taxpayer? (By the way, I support property owner compensation but just want to point out the hypocrisy.)

Toni Reale

Old Orchard Road

James Island

Restrictive scouts

I read where the Boy Scouts of America is excluding obese scouts from its jamboree. Healthy weight issues are a legitimate concern, but where does it stop?

I was fortunate that my grandfather owned a Revolutionary War general’s home on the edge of Valley Forge Park. I would run and roam those hills and fields where our Continental Army wintered and turned the tide to our independence.

In 1957, on those same fields, the Boy Scout Jamboree set up its myriad of tents for scouts from all states. I happened to go into a tent with scouts from Texas, where I traded my treasured pocket knife to a blind scout for a horned toad.

I looked at my new “pet” and thought how cool was I to have the only horned toad on my block, while I watched that blind scout caress his new pocket knife. My toad went off to find a mate, while I hope that scout kept that knife with memories as lasting as mine.

I wonder today if he would have been given the chance to even experience that? And I would have been denied, too.

Chris Colbert

30th Avenue

Isle of Palms

Violence takes toll

The July 16 Post and Courier reported at least three cases involving local young people (ages 23, 22 and 25) and violence.

Two mothers and a grandmother will bury their son and daughters. Although I do not know these families, I know two mothers whose young sons were killed violently, one by a stranger, one by a friend.

I’ve read various articles and editorials written since the George Zimmerman verdict was announced. Trayvon Martin and the three local young people, black and white, were killed by violence.

The Trayvon Martin tragedy occurred in a gated community. The neighborhood allowed a man to patrol their streets in the wake of burglaries by mainly “young black males.” Mr. Zimmerman carried a gun to keep their streets safer. The police allowed this. He did not obey the police when they told him not to follow Martin. He extinguished a young life, and he has God to answer to for that.

C.E. Thompson

Teal Avenue

James Island

Pay players, too

Maybe Clemson coach Dabo Swinney doesn’t want to pay players because he knows it might make his slice of the pie that much smaller.

Granted, some players are “paid” with full scholarships, so why not “pay” all the players with full scholarships?

Clemson and Coach Swinney would probably argue doing this would cost the school an extra $800,000.

Let’s see, Dabo Swinney makes about $1.9 million a year. How about if he donates $800,000 (leaving him with a paltry $1.1 million) so that all the players are “paid” with full scholarships? This seems a little fairer all the way around.

David Hirsch

Schooner Bend Avenue


Gator logic

I don’t shudder at the killing of a nuisance alligator. I shudder at the thought of my, or anyone’s, grandchildren encountering one.

Robert Savin, M.D.

Privateer Creek Road

Johns Island

Hefty price

I’m not going to waste words defending the book selected for the College’s summer reading requirements,“Fun Home” by Alison Bechdel. The knee-jerk reaction of self-righteous conservative groups like Palmetto Family is to be expected.

I dug deeply to find at least some fleeting amusement in the intolerance evoked by anything outside of the conservative bubble. I found it in the utterances of the leader “president and chief operating officer” of that organization.

By what metric does Oran Smith measure the distance between the aforementioned book and pornography (“I found it very close to pornography ... way over the top”)?

What I found obscene was the amount of money the college will spend to bring the author to the campus in October. Where does she live? In Antarctica?

I don’t dispute the benefits of her involvement in a meaningful discussion of the issues raised in the book, but I’m astounded by the cost the college is apparently willing to incur for that. After all, they’ve already bought 4,000 copies of the book, so in that regard she will benefit from the royalties.

Even with an honorarium for her participation (a couple thousand dollars, maybe?), and the expenses incurred to get her to Charleston and take care of her while she’s here, I don’t see how anything near the budgeted $13,000 can be justified.

Perhaps the most recent increase in tuition (3.16 percent to 5.5 percent for undergraduates) could have been marginally less if that kind of unwarranted spending were reduced or eliminated.

David Knott

Ivy Hall Road



Those members of Congress at the forefront of obstructionism should be charged with treason. It is no longer a disagreement of policy. It is no longer a matter of economic or political difference. It is now doing what no outside enemy could do ... bring us to our knees. Those people are betraying our nation.

They have no honor.

David Stevens

Suncatcher Drive


Look further

So, only two days after the current aviation authority director tenders a resignation, a “top-notch” candidate has been found.


A sitting state senator.

This comes as no surprise as the Charleston County Aviation Authority is made up mostly of politicians, or relatives of politicians.

Shouldn’t the board conduct a more widespread search for a qualified candidate? Maybe even outside the state?

Maybe someone with actual experience in the job of running an airport?

tim carswell

Ptarmigan Street

James Island

Hit ’em again

In response to a comment from ACC coordinator of football officials Doug Rhoads on “The Hit” by Jadeveon Clowney. I ask:

Where was this sharp-eyed official when one of his referees called for a first down right before said hit?

Laura McMaster

Palm Boulevard

Isle of Palms

Printed words

Just a word about words in the media. Dusten Brown, the father of Veronica, was said to have “expressed no interest in the child.” These are actually the words of his antagonist, his ex-wife, Veronica’s biological mom, who gave away his child, possibly without his knowledge.

In the George Zimmerman case, Mr. Zimmerman was described in this and many other newspapers and TV news shows as a “neighborhood watch volunteer.” In truth, Mr. Zimmerman started the neighborhood watch group by himself and was its only member.

These inaccurate words let him hide behind this imaginary “group” as though he was a Boy Scout. Zimmerman is no Boy Scout. He is the killer of an unarmed teenage boy.


Bowen’s Island Road