A Charleston County Family Court judge is allowing Chris Latham to dip into his savings to help pay $8,500 monthly support to his estranged wife Nancy, who was the alleged target of a murder-for-hire plot. But the judge denied the former bank executive’s request to cut off or reduce his payments to her.

Chris Latham has not been criminally charged or connected to the plot-to-kill case, but Nancy Latham filed a civil suit alleging his involvement.

The pair have been entangled in a divorce, in which each has accused the other of infidelity. The latest hearing in the divorce case came July 15, when the judge heard arguments from attorneys for Chris and Nancy Latham about the support payments.

Nancy Latham appeared at that hearing with her attorneys. Chris Latham was not present, but his attorneys asked Family Court Judge Daniel Martin to eliminate the $8,500 monthly payments to Nancy Latham because he is no longer employed at Bank of America, where he was making more than $600,000 a year.

He also requested to dip into savings to pay for his expenses. Chris Latham stated that he is “happy to pay reasonable child support” for his daughters’ care, according to court filings.

“He needs money to pay his bills,” said Robert Rosen, Chris Latham’s divorce attorney.

On July 18, Martin filed a letter of instruction detailing his decision: Chris Latham can be advanced $99,000 from his savings to be used only to pay court-ordered spousal support and additional living expenses to Nancy Latham. Chris Latham cannot eliminate or reduce his monthly support payments to Nancy Latham.

He was given the choice in late May of resigning, retiring or facing immediate termination from the bank, according to court filings. He chose to retire in May, according to emails filed as evidence in court. Tim Madden, Nancy Latham’s attorney, has questioned the validity of that resignation.

During the hearing, Rosen also called the accusations against Chris Latham “pure fiction.” It remains unclear when the final divorce hearing will take place.

The Lathams’ already contentious divorce reached a new level in April when the alleged murder-for-hire plot was exposed.

Charged were 38-year-old Samuel Yenawine of Louisville, Ky.; Yenawine’s ex-wife, 37-year-old Wendy Annette Moore, identified as Chris Latham’s girlfriend and former assistant at the bank; Yenawine’s girlfriend, Rachel Palmer, 36, and Russell Wilkinson, 39, both of Louisville.

Yenawine hanged himself June 25 inside his cell at the Georgetown County jail. The other three remain in jail.

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