Welcome insight

Debra Gammons’ July 16 column on the Zimmerman trial outcome was excellent. Her views provide a breath of fresh, cooling breeze in the midst of all the hot air rhetoric surrounding the trial and the verdict.

Her opinion piece should be required reading for all to see before they take sides in this volatile area.

I applaud The Post and Courier for publishing her views.

Bill O’Brien

Palmetto Peninsula Drive

Mount Pleasant

Agree to disagree

Does anyone realize that the very people seeking acceptance, equality and tolerance nowadays are the least accepting, most unequal and most intolerant people themselves? I understand that when people feel oppressed, they lash out at their perceived oppressors out of fear and anger.

What I see now is more than that. It is the oppressed becoming the oppressor and (worse yet) feeling justified in oppressing others.

If you want to be accepted for your views, start by accepting others for theirs and not using vulgarity, profanity, threats and insults to force others to comply with you.

Also, stop putting everyone into groups, such as “All conservatives are racist” and “All liberals are un-Christian.” Instead, open yourself up to honest conversations with individual people, and if they don’t agree with you, love them anyway.

Tracey Phillips, Ph.D.

Ballantine Drive


The GOP revealed

Let’s see what the recent Post and Courier lawmaker tally revealed. First, our Republican congressmen voted to strip food security programs from the Farm Bill, thus endangering the few federal programs that provide direct food aid to our citizens.

Next, they unanimously voted to defeat a bill that would have required annual USDA inspections of facilities in countries exporting meat, poultry and eggs to the United States. Why would we want something as radical as ensuring the health and safety of food products imported into this country?

In a vote that boggles the mind, House Republicans voted unanimously to reduce funding for renewable energy and water programs and instead to use those funds to increase spending on modernizing the country’s nuclear arsenal.

In a related vote, Republicans refused to remove federal subsidies to the fossil fuel industry — like Exxon needs federal funds. Finally, not to be outdone by the House Republicans, our illustrious senators voted unanimously to double the interest rate on student loans.

It’s obvious that it is not in the public interest to encourage college educations. After all, these college-educated kids might start using logic and asking questions — something the Republican Party and Fox News fear.

John Manzi

Little Oak Drive

Folly Beach

Keep the trees

I drive I-26 from Charleston to Orangeburg about once a week. It is about 30 miles from Summerville to I-95. Is it out of the question to ask drivers to spend five minutes more and drive 60 mph instead of 70?

Keep the trees and lower the speed limit. Everybody knows that speed is a factor in car crashes.

Bill Huntley

Wyecreek Avenue


Constant whiners

When I first moved here in 1996, King Street was blocked off between Wentworth and Market streets at Christmas time. The city put up a beautifully decorated tree. There were events for the entire family during the holiday. Store owners complained.

After a few years, the city opened all of King Street to auto traffic. The city improved the curbing and drainage, periodically blocking a few stores for a short period of time. Store owners complained.

Now on the Second Sunday of every month King Street is blocked off from traffic, from George to Broad streets. Still store owners are complaining. This causes parking problems for those of us living downtown, but you don’t hear us complaining.

The writer of a July 14 letter titled “Save King Street” wants all of King Street blocked to all traffic.

He wants all store deliveries to be made from the side streets at night. Apparently he doesn’t care a bit about those of us who live downtown.

We certainly do not want to have to circumvent delivery trucks in the evening, nor do we want to listen to delivery trucks beep-beeping all night.

Store keepers on King Street chose their locations. Now live with it and stop complaining.

Naomi Radcliff

Market Street


Nix Keystone

We, as smart Americans, need to require the removal of the Keystone XL pipeline from consideration.

Building it would be very unwise in so many ways. The pipeline would risk contamination of more than 1,000 water bodies across three states and 875 miles of drinking water with a known probability of a tar sands spill.

Spills from the Alaskan Pipeline are on record to show a long pipeline is a dangerous form of delivering fuel.

Meanwhile, there are wise options to this Canadian XL pipeline with American wind, solar projects, and methane capture from animal feedlots, plus the use of advanced biofuel feedstock in the growing of massive sweet potatoes, the eTuberTM with CAREnergy.

We can and should have more than enough American-made clean energy to guarantee a great new set of sustainable jobs across America.

Let’s get freedom from the Keystone XL pipeline for our energy needs now.

President Barack Obama, Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott and Rep. Mark Sanford need to know the Keystone XL pipeline is a mistake.

Marilyn Blizard

Virginia Rail Road

Johns Island