Time to go

After reading Attorney General Eric Holder’s opinion regarding 26 states’ self-defense laws, I only wish he were made to reside in Chicago for a few months, but alas, that is wishful thinking.

Short of that, I might suggest it is time to consider that he be removed from office and that our state’s elected representatives nominate Debra Gammons for the post. She made some very cogent remarks in her July 16 commentary in The Post and Courier. She is more concerned about the law and the security of her own people than about racism.

Bob Fraser

Covenant Square

Mount Pleasant

Use turn signals

The next time you are driving, count how many times fellow drivers fail to use the turn signal. Chances are you will run out of fingers and toes before the engine is even warm. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, researchers observed 12,000 cars and found a failure rate on lane changes using turn signals at 48 percent. Neglecting to use proper turn signals caused two million car accidents nationwide.

Those findings back up a 2006 survey conducted by Response Insurance in which 57 percent of American drivers admitted to not using turn signals when changing lanes. Among drivers ages 18 to 24, 71 percent said they do not use turn signals. My own study of 100 cars in Mount Pleasant revealed that 85 percent of drivers failed to use turn signals.

All states require drivers to use directional signals to indicate their intention to turn, change lanes or pass a vehicle. Failure to use signals is just a misdemeanor here. The contributory negligence states are Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina and the District of Columbia. These states prohibit a driver from recovering any damages if found even a small amount at fault for the accident.

I wonder if today’s drivers do not know the laws and rules for safe and courteous driving, or if they are simply irresponsible, rude and too involved with electronics and cell phones. Perhaps Mount Pleasant police should issue more tickets to get our attention.

C. Edward Rapp

Country Manor Drive

Mount Pleasant

The last word

I am pleading with those who may be angry, upset, disappointed or even dismayed concerning the recent “not guilty” verdict in Florida. Please, let it go.

Do not let decisions made by man, who is not perfect, corrupt your life. As long as you keep the peace that is within you, your life will continue to be fulfilled and fruitful. Just be thankful, and remember “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

There is someone bigger, and He has the last word.

Picola T. Forrest

Savage Road


Homeless veterans

I read recently where Crisis Ministries was awarded a $2 million grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs to assist homeless veterans and those at risk for losing their home.

In June it was reported that the CFO of Crisis Ministries was suspended for embezzlement. Last year you reported the Good Neighbor Center, which was a transitional center for homeless veterans, lost its VA funding due to misappropriation of funds, and several homeless veterans were removed from the Good Neighbor Center.

I hope there are independent audits now being conducted to monitor expenditure of these grants awarded to support our veterans. They are the ones who suffer when funds are misappropriated. They deserve better.

Mary Miller

Hyacinth Street


Shifted blame

In my opinion: If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk and spoons make people fat and the Second Amendment is America’s Homeland Security.

Paul Palumbo

Greencastle Drive

Goose Creek

Inspiring heroes

The July 14 story “Sunrise, Omaha Beach” by Schuyler Kropf was excellent. It is thrilling to know that June 6 is still honored by re-enactments, not by Americans but by Brits, French, Dutch and Belgians, “decked out in all form of American G.I. uniform.”

What a great way to celebrate Schuyler’s 50th birthday. The final tribute, by him and his wife at sunrise on June 6, of planting 50 tiny American flags in the sand made my heart swell with pride and brought a tear remembering patriotism of years gone by and the heroic men who stopped “a great evil loose in Europe.”

May we never forget. God bless America.

Joan Drews

Hidden Lakes Drive

Mount Pleasant