A former employee at a King Street restaurant is accused of brandishing a 10-inch butcher knife at a manager who was trying to fire him, then threatening to go home and return with a gun.

Shyrone Jaquane Johnson, 23, of Whipper Barony Lane in North Charleston, is charged with intimidation. He was being held at the Al Cannon Detention Center on $470 bail. He is scheduled to appear in Charleston Municipal Court on July 30 to face the charge.

According to a police report, an assistant manager at the King Street Grille called Charleston police on May 8 to report that he had been threatened on April 28.

The manager said the employee shoved him and said, “No one fires me, I quit,” the report said. At that point someone stepped between the two men, but the employee grabbed the butcher knife and held it to the manager’s face and said, “I don’t get paid enough at this job to put up with this. I’m going home to get my gun and I’ll be back.”

At that point the man threw down the knife and ran out the back door, the report said.

The manager told police he waited to report the incident because he had personal issues to deal with immediately after the incident.