A hidden stash of LSD-laced Sweet Tarts was discovered behind a car stereo after a stop for a bad tag light Wednesday night, according to Charleston police.

Lawrence Dean Schmidt, 31, of Savannah, was charged with possession of LSD and defective car equipment.

About 10:20 p.m,, officers noticed a green 1995 Cadillac DeVille traveling south on Savannah Highway with a bad light over the license plate and an obstructed rear window, according to the incident report. They pulled the car over at Main Road.

The driver was nervous and unable to maintain eye contact, with shaking hands and rapid breathing, according to the report. Officers asked him to step out of the car.

Schmidt said officers could search the car, according to the report. An officer noticed that the dashboard stereo console had been tampered with, so he removed the component and found two clear plastic bags. Inside the bags, wrapped in aluminum foil, was a strip of multicolored paper with 10 perforations and 15 round, colored tablets stamped “Sweet Tarts,” according to the report.

The officers said Schmidt told them the paper was 10 hits of acid, and the Sweet Tarts were another 15 hits of acid.

The 25 portions of LSD are estimated to be worth about $625 on the street.

Schmidt was charged with possession of LSD and defective equipment and taken to jail.

A dog in the car was released into the custody of Schmidt’s sister, who lives on James Island, before the car was towed.

Schmidt was being held in the Charleston County jail Thursday on $30,000 bail for the LSD charge.

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