— Liberty University recruiters are hitting the summer Christian music festival circuit in search of prospective students.

Liberty graduate and lead recruiter Aaron Marks said the music festivals give the university access to its target demographic, and the strategy has been effective. He said the university has gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of students over the past five years by working music festivals. One of those on the summer music festival recruiter team was, herself, recruited at a summer music festival. She has since graduated and is now a recruiter.

Last week, Marks said, more than 5,000 students stopped by Liberty’s booth during the four-day Creation East music festival in Pennsylvania.

This summer, 10 Liberty recruiters will cover 34 concerts, taking place everywhere from Washington State to Florida and Canada to Texas.

Marks said consistency is a key reason Liberty recruiters are successful. A smattering of other schools have started following their lead and attending music festivals, he said, noting that Liberty is the only one that is there year in and year out.

This kind of recruiting, as opposed to simply setting up at a job fair, for example, is more physically demanding but also more rewarding, said Marks.

Liberty attends, and in many cases, sponsors, the festivals, which are staged by outside concert promoters.

While there, they will give away almost $1 million in scholarship money. That translates to one $16,000 scholarship every day of each festival.

“That’s something that really impacts a family’s life,” said Marks. “Liberty’s investing quite a bit into students and assisting students with finances in that way.”