Save King Street

I agree with Henry Berlin’s July 9 letter to the editor titled “Save the ‘jewel.’ ” It is time to do some future planning for our jewel, the King Street shopping area.

Longtime residents have seen our streets go from two-way to one-way and some have now been changed back to two-way.

City planners have taken a small step in the right direction with the Second Sunday Shopping on King Street. It is nice to shop from Calhoun Street south to Market Street without worrying about vehicle traffic. It reminds me of a shopping district in downtown Charlottesville, Va.

Without hiring new city planners, why not fund a trip for them to Charlottesville? After studying its shopping area they might find a way to close off King Street from Calhoun to Broad streets to vehicle traffic every day from 9 a.m. -6 p.m.

Have the deliveries and cleanup done before or after these hours. Or maybe some side streets could be used for these activities all hours of the day.

At least come back with a report on the pros and cons of creating King Street as a vehicle-free shopping area.

Joseph H. Wolfe, Jr.

Saint Margaret Street


Offshore drilling

A native South Carolinian, I have lived here much of my life and am retired here. I have lived in several other states as well as overseas and therefore have some perspectives that might be different.

On July 6 you ran another of your periodic editorials calling for no drilling off the S.C. coast. You contend that experts project that there isn’t much natural gas or oil off our coast and that an accident would seriously jeopardize our tourist trade thereby cutting into tourism dollars.

Both might be true. If it turns out that there is not enough gas or oil to profitably extract, drilling would become a moot point. If the resource is there, it should be used, if for no other reason than to provide much needed jobs in a state with a high rate of unemployment.

Accidents happen in every endeavor. They can and should be planned for. When they occur they should be addressed expeditiously. I have lived in the coastal areas of both Texas and Louisiana where offshore drilling provides many jobs and much spinoff employment, including great fishing near offshore rigs.

We should be thinking about a better future for our citizens instead of living with our status quo mindset.

Joe Sharpe

Kestrel Trail



Not all obesity is related to people not wanting to or knowing when to put down a bag of chips. A July 2 letter titled “Treating obesity” failed to say that some individuals have medical problems that cause overeating.

Until 2008 I was physically fit, loved to backpack, ride a bicycle and just go walking. That was before I came home from the war in Iraq. Now on most mornings I just prefer to lie in bed.

I don’t like being around others. I can’t walk, ride my bicycle or go backpacking anymore because my back and legs are messed up. I can’t stand loud or sudden noises, and I often see and smell blown-up military vehicles.

I eat so that these visions might go away if only for a few minutes.

David Miller

Albert Storm Avenue

Moncks Corner

No pollution

I just had the opportunity to visit Vancouver, British Columbia, for several days. Vancouver has embraced the cruise ship industry. They have a spectacular cruise ship terminal that is right downtown complete with shops, restaurants, and also their rail terminal.

I was there for three days and I saw seven different ships in port from three different cruise lines.

I did not notice any pollution coming from the ships, there was no loud noise or music coming from any of the ships at any time, and the passengers even exited the ship on a different level from where the shops were. The only noise that we could hear was the sounding of the horn as the ships left.

The seaplanes that were constantly landing and taking off made much more noise than any of the cruise ships.

Maybe we should check with Vancouver to see how they have been so successful in working with the cruise industry.

Edward Leary

High Hammock Road

Johns Island

Thank TSA agents

On recent trips involving air travel, I have been struck by how challenging the work is for TSA agents and airline personnel.

The volume they handle daily, how they deal with passengers when there are delays, customers who are rude disregarding “turning off electronic devices” and those who expect to put a 35-pound carry-on into an overhead bin and are surprised it won’t fit.

I compliment and thank these individuals for the jobs they do under trying circumstances.

Denny Ciganovic

Carmel Bay Drive

Mount Pleasant

Hazards of change

When you support the suggestion of a “fair tax” or “a simplified tax system,” beware of what you ask for. Congress has proven that it’s too beholden to campaign contributors to consider the nation’s welfare.

When our congressmen tinker with the federal tax system, the only benefactors are invariably corporations, self-interest groups and the most affluent.

George W. Eaton Jr.

Back Court

Isle of Palms