I would like to propose a motto for Mount Pleasant: Sign City. It seems to capture the essence of this city and will probably continue to do so even after the constructions signs are finally removed, hopefully something that will happen during this decade.

There are multiple newly installed large signs announcing upcoming traffic lights, even though the lights have been in place for over 35 years. Rifle Range at Coleman is one example. Did the people driving in Mount Pleasant not notice those traffic lights? Maybe not now that the signs block their view? Just think of the opportunity for more signs — up to four at each traffic light in Mount Pleasant.

Count the number of signs approaching and around each of our traffic circles. How could we make it around them if we weren’t notified that they were up ahead and telling us every few feet how to drive once we get there?

Signs announcing stops for school buses are scattered randomly around town. There may have been a stop there last year but not this year, but there may be one next year so let’s just leave the signs up and add more each year.

Another nice touch is the proliferation of sandwich board signs held in place by sand- bags that litter Coleman Boulevard. Is there no better way for a business on a business corridor to announce its presence? There must be a Mount Pleasant ordinance that attempts to reduce signage.

Construction signs pepper the roads leading into and out of Mount Pleasant. Signs rusting on the barrier on the Coleman Boulevard off- ramp from the Ravenel Bridge offer a nice welcoming touch, and an added splash of color for those walking the bridge and taking pictures.

There are 30 construction signs on I-526 coming into the city and about a the same number leaving the city. Some are still wrapped in black plastic. Will they be unveiled around Halloween to add an additional festive touch of orange?

And how about the 11 signs warning about non-existent construction on Rifle Range Road around Veteran’s Circle. That has a nice patriotic ring — your state and local governments working to keep a memorial special.

The detour signs left over after the widening of Bowman Road add a touch of whimsy. They also present a challenge for anyone unfamiliar with Sign City. Do they really want us to obey that sign or is this a practical joke?

A neurologist may tell us that our way of coping with all this ugly is to become blind to it. After a short while we just don’t see the signs.

But unfortunately we also become blind to signs that might actually be of help. How much more dangerous could our roads get?

And how very sad for our town.

Welcome to Sign City.

Pam Tisdale

Heron Avenue

Mount Pleasant