ORANGEBURG – A Holly Hill man was charged Thursday with operating an illegal still, according to the Orangeburg County Sheriff ‘s Office.

Officers responding to a domestic call on Thursday saw Davon Andrea Robinson, 35, of Dawson Street in Holly Hill, taking items out of a parked car behind the house.

After searching the vehicle, officers found a 5-gallon jug of moonshine and Robinson’s driver’s license. Robinson told investigators that the sugar was left over from church, according to the sheriff’s office.

When officers returned later Thursday, they found a liquor distillery in the woods behind the house, according to the sheriff’s office. Officers seized a wheelbarrel of grain, a copper pipe, two copper tubes, several 5-gallon buckets, four propane tanks, three jugs of clear shine, and a Chevy S-10 pick up with a large amount of sugar in the bed of the truck.

Robinson was charged with unlawful sale or manufacture of alcohol; unlawful manufacture, transfer, or possession of a distillery; and alcohol/mash or similar materials on premises.

He is scheduled to have a bond hearing on Saturday.