Mount Pleasant parents should be able to see new proposed attendance boundaries for elementary and middle schools the week of July 22.

The District 2 (East Cooper) Constituent School Board released maps that were supposed to show the new boundaries that will take effect in fall 2015, but some of those maps were of such poor quality that many parents couldn’t tell how their neighborhoods would be affected.

School district leaders are working with Cropper GIS Consulting in Ohio to produce better maps that will enable parents to see how specific homes and neighborhoods’ zones would change. Cropper also will produce an interactive website that allows parents to plug in their addresses and see current and planned zones.

“We’re in the process of developing that map to help facilitate communication of the new plan,” said Matt Cropper, president of the firm.

Cropper said the district has the technology to produce maps with more detail, and his company hasn’t been involved in producing the maps that have been released thus far.

“The (constituent) school board and district are aware of the community’s concerns and are working to address them,” he said.

The constituent school board approved new lines May 29, but didn’t plan to release that information until August or September. After repeated requests by The Post and Courier, the board provided on June 28 the difficult-to-read maps.

The newspaper since has been asking for better quality maps. Jason Sakran, the school district’s spokesman, said his hope is that Cropper’s maps will be ready for public use the week of July 22.

“We recognized the less-than-ideal quality of the maps previously distributed and are working with our GIS consultant and the District 2 Constituent Board to provide parents and community members more robust, interactive, high quality maps,” he said.

Rezoning is necessary in Mount Pleasant because of overcrowded schools, particularly in the north end of town.

The proposed new lines likely will be tweaked again this fall. The constituent board plans to meet in August and hold a community gathering in September.

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