Time for a transfer

The problem is that we have 90,000 persons employed by the Internal Revenue Service at an annual cost of over $11 billion. These persons are responsible for following a 5,600-page tax code comprising over four million words.

It is well documented that if you call the IRS on four separate occasions and ask agents the same question, you are likely to receive four different answers. Furthermore, each agent will inform you that he or she is not responsible for the validity of the answer. In others words, there is zero accountability.

The solution is to adopt and implement the FairTax immediately.

But what of all those employees who are depending on the IRS for their livelihood?

I suggest that those who now have AR-15s to assist them in their audits and are qualified (at least they know which end of the rifle is “hot” and which is “not”) should have the opportunity to transfer to the Department of Homeland Security and become border guards. The others should be given the opportunity “to build the fence.”

No one should be forced to pursue either form of service to our country; that is, all should be given the opportunity to obtain gainful employment within the private sector.

Once taxation through confusion, intimidation and socioeconomic class warfare is removed and our borders are secure, then and only then can we begin to deal with the “immigration problem” in a fair and just manner.

Melvin H. Ezell Jr.

Nuffield Road


Wider perspective

A recent letter about I-26 trees was refreshing and enlightening. Finally somebody gets it. The dead man’s drive section of I-26 from I-95 to Summerville is long overdue for two extra lanes, and it appears money is in the latest transportation budget to do just that if politicians will wake up and see the light.

Charleston and Berkeley counties seem to enjoy their four-, five- and six-lane highways to move traffic. No problem getting $80 or $100 million for a Boeing highway and no argument over tree removal to build multi-lane access roads for them. I agree with that.

Now you tell me how long the S.C. Department of Transportation will deny Dorchester and Orangeburg counties the same opportunity to have safe access and decent interchanges onto and off I-26.

How long can it keep the Orangeburg population depressed and jobless for lack of good transportation access? Maybe it is time we heard from the honorable Rep. James Clyburn on this subject.

There is no reason to deny these folks equal commercial opportunity to attract industry and jobs.

It still amazes me why Boeing picked this area, which was rated as having the worst maintained highways and interstates in the nation. Apparently it was not familiar with Charlestonians’ obsession with loblolly pine trees.

Alvin Foster

West 5th North Street


The true trigger

A July 1 story raised the question, “Will club shootings ever stop?”

Checking more closely business and liquor licenses, and enforcing more strictly city/county bar and club alcohol ordinances, are laudable efforts to address the all-too-frequent occurrence of late night club shootings.

However, isn’t the actual problem the tolerance of deadly weapons in the atmosphere of a business that encourages alcohol consumption?

Perhaps easy-to-acquire handguns are the real criminals here.

Melissa Boyd

E. Huron Street

Folly Beach

Help Chicora

Once again the Charleston County School Board has fallen short. Why can’t it get it right? Every year it seems there is a shortage of funds. This year it is for capital projects that are already planned.

The obvious choice should be to take it from the school that would generate the most savings, but more than likely it will come from the school that needs it most, Chicora Elementary.

These children deserve better. They have been dealing with flooding for years. I know this because I have seen it personally — and rodents, among other things.

You are telling these children that they don’t matter because of the area they live in. They don’t matter because of the color of their skin. They don’t matter because of the school report card.

Let’s give these children something they can be proud of. Give them the school that was promised to them. Those teachers, who work hard,and the students, who try their best, deserve their school.

Make the right choice, Charleston County School Board.

I do not live in the area, but I feel the pain and frustration of the parents who do.

Adrian Brown

Midland Park

North Charleston

Another bad deal

Take heed, American taxpayer, of your government’s handoff of aid to the Egyptian people. Continuation of this aid will be scrutinized by Congress.

The sufficient prompt is the recent Egyptian military coup that military leaders do not consider a coup.

The pertinent question for Congress will not be about whether or not aid will continue. We all know it will, and we all know why. Aid equals influence and our government covets influence.

Congressional scrutiny should be about the pitfalls, risks, and value of buying influence in Egypt.

The American taxpayer knows a lot about influence buying. We bought tons of it in Iraq and Afghanistan and now take a sober account of what we have purchased.

Democracy building around the planet is foremost an experiment. Experiments want funding.

The American taxpayer and our elected representatives need to be heedful that experimental ventures can have a multitude of unwanted outcomes.

Louis Tisdale

Heron Avenue

Mount Pleasant