Bold and the Beautiful: During Brooke’s birthday party, Taylor revealed to everyone that Brooke and Bill had slept together and that Brooke had miscarried his baby. Katie later confronted Bill and Brooke, who admitted they had been intimate, but Brooke said that Bill had never known about the baby. Bill reminded Katie that she was partly responsible for trying to push him and Brooke together when she was sick. Eric and Taylor argued after he condemned her for what she did at the party.

Days of Our Lives: Before her grand jury hearing, Sami was confronted by Bernardi’s widow, Marge, who hopes Sami gets life in prison. Sami told the jury that she killed Bernardi because he was about to kill Rafe with a straight razor. Special prosecutor Melinda and Sami’s attorney, Justin, have a history in the courtroom. Chad refused when Abigail asked him to turn over the video he has of Sami and Bernardi arguing. Jennifer ordered J.J. to apologize to the storeowner he stole from and to return to his classes. Daniel was upset when Jennifer said she was putting their romance on hold for a while. Kristen worried that Daniel, who is investigating why Eric has been passing out, will learn she drugged Eric. E.J. wants control of DiMera Enterprises.

General Hospital: Connie was surprised to learn that Sonny was moving Olivia into his home while she is recovering from her bullet wound. Connie insisted to Olivia that there is nothing between her and Sonny anymore. After Olivia moved in, Sonny told her that Connie had made it clear she didn’t want him. Ava denied Franco’s accusation that she was the one who shot Olivia while attempting to shoot Franco. Tracy wanted to go with Luke on his search for Jerry Jacks, whom he suspects has the antidote for the toxin that Helena used. Carly and Sonny patched things up after she agreed never to give orders to his men again. Nikolas apologized to Elizabeth for not telling her that A.J. slept with Carly after he and Elizabeth broke up. A.J. refused to send Michael out of town so he wouldn’t have to be around Kiki.

Young and the Restless: When Avery commented on Nick’s recent strange behavior, he finally admitted that he’d learned he isn’t Summer’s father. Phyllis prepared to tell Jack that he is Summer’s biological father. After Dylan asked Chelsea to move in with him, she felt guilty about letting him believe that he’s the father of her baby. Summer secretly left town after Kyle said they entered into a relationship too quickly and ended their budding romance. Lily told Cane that she left the campaign that she and Tyler were working on because Tyler is attracted to her but she doesn’t have feelings for him. Victoria told Victor and Nikki that Billy is gambling again and that she is going to take Johnny to visit Reed. Lauren told Carmine to stop trying to contact her, and Paul warned Carmine to stay away from Lauren and Fen.

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