Pa. man returns Steve Martin’s lost wallet

— Steve Martin is known as a wild and crazy guy, but he’s also a lucky one: A stranger found his wallet on a Pennsylvania street and returned it to the entertainer.

Martin apparently lost his wallet while bicycling before performing recently in Wilkes-Barre. Will Beekman, programming director at the concert hall where Martin performed, says a man working on a city street found the wallet. He knew Martin’s bluegrass show was in town, so he contacted the concert hall to say he’d found it.

Beekman says Martin insisted on thanking the man in person, but he wasn’t sure whether the man got a reward. The wallet had Martin’s driver’s license and credit cards but no cash.

’80s TV shows getting comic book treatment

PHILADELPHIA — “Punky Brewster” and the kids from “Saved by the Bell” are returning to the small screen through digital comic books. So, too, are “Knight Rider,” “Airwolf” and “Miami Vice.”

Lion Forge Comics and NBC Universal said Tuesday they partnered to develop, write, illustrate and publish digital comics based on those shows from the 1980s and 1990s, bringing new stories for characters like Crocket and Tubbs as well as Kit and Screech.

The comics are set to be released later this year through iTunes, Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore, Barnes & Nobles’ Nook store and Kobo.

The NBC Universal-owned shows are the latest in a growing push that has seen other TV properties extend their stories in comics.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly will move to prime time

NEW YORK — Fox News Channel said that Megyn Kelly will soon move into prime time, and the palace intrigue about who, if anyone, she will displace on cable news’ most popular and stable lineup begins.

Kelly, a former lawyer, has been a rising star at Fox. She has hosted the two-hour news program “America Live” at 1 p.m. since 2010 and co-anchored convention and election night coverage with Bret Baier during the last election season.

Fox Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes said Kelly will move into prime time when she returns from maternity leave. It’s not clear when that will be: She announced in February that she is due to give birth to her third child this summer, but it’s unknown how long she will be off.

The prime-time lineup of Bill O’Reilly at 8 p.m., Hannity at 9 p.m. and Greta Van Susteren at 10 p.m. hasn’t changed in more than a decade, except when Sean Hannity’s former liberal foil, Alan Colmes, left the show after the 2008 election. Bret Baier hosts an hour-long newscast at 6, and Shepard Smith does his program at 7.

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