George Orwell’s “1984” is a perennial top seller and well it should be. Revelations that our government is engaged in Orwellian activities has led to “1984” becoming one of Amazon’s top 200 sellers.

On page after page readers will discover that that which is being related eerily brings to mind the doings of our present government.

Spying on our phone and Internet activities, government agents targeting those whom the power structure disfavors, and cover-ups of horrendous events such as the Benghazi massacre are but the most recent revelations of an out-of-control Leviathan on the Potomac, Big Brother’s home base. Was Orwell the Nostradamus of the 20th century?

Orwell goes into great depth describing how a government that controls the language, history and access to news of a people together with an intimate knowledge of their day-to-day activities is a government that can and will become totalitarian.

Our language and history are under attack and suffering mightily with political correctness being a major driving force aided and abetted by government schools and a mostly compliant media.

Gone are the days when young people came away from their school years prepared for adult life as critical thinkers with a well-rounded education.

Big Brother prefers drones over critical thinkers and his version of history is the only acceptable version. Centers of higher learning are almost all controlled by people of the left who are true believers in government and that is most especially so in so far as schools of journalism are concerned. One can only hope that the scandal of the moment involving Big Brother spying on journalists will serve as a wake-up call for that once-honored profession.

Orwell’s story is laid over the canvas of war, never-ending war. Orwell’s fictional Oceania is in a constant state of war with an ever- changing cast of allies and adversaries. It is war that has allowed Big Brother’s regime to implement and maintain its totalitarian powers over its people, subjects.

Having been born in 1947 I have no recollections of a time when our nation was not at war, whether it be the Cold War or one of many hot wars. Over those years government, at all levels, has grown like a wood-destroying fungus sending its freedom-destroying filaments throughout the body politic until we now suffer a soft tyranny that could readily be transformed into a full blow tyranny.

James Madison is said to have warned: “If tyranny and oppression comes to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”

Believing that “1984” should be read by our political leaders I have been supplying copies to members of Congress since 2002. After reading up on the cynically named “Patriot Act” I was moved to mail copies of 1984 to the entire Congress together with President George W. Bush and his Cabinet. Ever since, new members of the U.S. House and Senate have received a copy.

Beginning in 2009, The Future of Freedom Foundation has handled the logistics with me furnishing the books and postage.

Mark Sanford is the most recent recipient, and I am well satisfied that he “gets it.” Lindsey Graham, not so much. I am afraid Graham could best relate to the O’Brien character in “1984.”

How so? This is a tease intended to induce you to read the book.

Trying to stay out of Room 101 and cautioning that you, too, could end up there.

Walter Carr

Ashley River Road