U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham wrote Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Monday to seek his country’s help in returning leaker Edward Snowden to the United States to stand trial.

Graham released his letter to Kislyak a day after Snowden flew from Hong Kong to Moscow.

Graham, R-S.C., has been among the most vocal calling for Snowden’s prosecution and defending the National Security Administration’s policies on sifting through cellphone logs and other computerized records to try to pinpoint terrorists.

“As I am sure you are aware, Mr. Snowden is wanted in the United States for criminal violations and should stand trial for his actions,” Graham’s letter said. “The Snowden case is an important test of the “reset” in relations between our two countries. Mr. Snowden’s own statements have made clear his guilt. If our two nations are to have a constructive relationship moving forward, Russian cooperation in this matter is essential.”

As of Monday, Snowden was believed to still be in Moscow. He was said to have reserved a ticket on a Monday Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Havana, but just before the plane pulled away, an airline employee at the gate said Snowden was not on board.

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