A man described as a cold-blooded killer allegedly murdered two women in South Carolina, including a mother of three in Charleston County, before fleeing to Georgia, authorities said Friday.

A manhunt was underway for Jeffrey N. Eaddy, 30, who is charged in the death of Crystal Johnson, 37, of Adams Run.

She was found Thursday on the floor of the store where she worked when a customer stopped in to buy something in the early afternoon.

“Blood is everywhere,” said a caller to 911 who identified himself as Dexter James.

James was asked to begin CPR until paramedics arrived. He told a dispatcher that a family member said Johnson had breast cancer, so he was worried about pressing too hard on her chest because of a port installed there for chemotherapy treatment.

Her children are ages 9, 12 and 15.

“The guy who did this is a psychopath. They need to hurry up and catch him before he takes someone else’s life,” said her husband,

Wiliam Johnson, 57.

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